Is Online Sabong Legal in the Philippines?

In recent times, the Philippines has witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of internet-based sabong, commonly referred to as online cockfighting. This age-old cultural activity, intricately woven into the tapestry of Filipino heritage, has seamlessly made its way into the virtual domain. This digital transformation enables aficionados to engage in and wager on cockfighting, all from the cozy confines of their residences. Presently, the momentum behind Online Sabong, or e-sabong, remains robust, facilitated by a multitude of platforms and websites that cater to diverse audiences, delivering this distinctive and engaging mode of amusement.

Online sabong portals commonly function by live-streaming cockfights via their websites or specialized mobile apps. These platforms partner with local breeders and cockfighting venues to guarantee access to top-tier matchups for their clientele. Enthusiasts have the opportunity to place bets on their favored roosters while witnessing the bouts transpire in live-streamed actuality. Monetary outcomes are digitally resolved, as dependable payment gateways facilitate secure transactions between the platform and its users.

2023 Update: e-sabong is currently illegal in the Philippines. After a few years in which online sabong existed in a legal gray area, the government has now decided on its legality. This decision by the government was mainly caused by an episode of kidnapping related to the world of sabong.

E-sabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This authority oversees all the gambling activities in the country. 

Before 2022, regulations involving e-sabong were not that developed, and there was no online sabong law. Reviews show players could even use the online sabong app GCash to bet. Of course, that posed many challenges for both players and regulators. Nothing compared to the current state of illegality.

We advise you to review official sources regularly. This way, you will obtain the most up-to-date information.

Regional and Global Perspective

Cockfighting is forbidden in every state of the United States but used to be practiced in many areas of the country. Online cockfighting does not exist in the States. This has mostly to do with ethical issues connected to animal cruelty. Canada, Australia, and most European countries have the same type of legislation. However, elsewhere the situation is different.

In Mexico and some parts of Latin America, cockfighting is considered a traditional sport. It is totally lawful in Colombia, Peru, Cuba, and Chile, and regulated cockpits are common. The same is about some other countries in the world. In particular, cockfighting is legitimate in Madagascar, Pakistan, and Asian sabong traditional countries like Vietnam.

Totally LegalIn some
Fully banned
PakistanUnited Kingdom

Yet, it is in the Philippines that the digital revolution of these bets started. With the pandemic’s start, traditional sabong moved into online betting. This was unprecedented in the world. E-sabong became an instant classic, and WPC online sabong live matches acquired incredible popularity. 

Sabong international players must familiarize themselves with the specific laws of their respective countries or regions. Only through this they will understand the potential consequences of participating in this gambling activity. In some regions, the legality can be subject to interpretation. Besides, it may fall under different types of prohibitions. Some regard gambling, others have to do with animal cruelty. 

Finally, it’s crucial to remain updated on any developments. These impact the legality of online sabong worldwide. 

Where Can Filipino Players Bet on Sabong Online?

Many Filipino players want to engage in e-sabong, but choose only legitimate platforms and trustworthy online sabong app to prevent any dangers. That’s the only way to prioritize player safety and adhere to the requirements. 

Exclusive Cockfight at 22Win Casino

22Win Casino uniquely offers online Sabong betting, combining Filipino tradition with modern gaming, all available via high-quality live streaming.

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One such platform is 22WIN Casino. This operator has slots, card games, bingo, and many more options. It also has a section dedicated to e-sabong. Here, players have fun while learning how to play online sabong and study its rules systems. According to expert reviews, it’s perfect to learn online Sabong tips and to familiarize yourself with terms such as Meron or Wala. It has a user-friendly interface and secure payment options. This way, it provides an enjoyable experience for Filipino players interested in sabong betting. But also to all those players in Manila and other cities or countries who want to enjoy fun games. 

Be careful when choosing an online platform for sabong worldwide betting. Safety precautions should be the first thing to consider. Here are a few steps to follow when looking for such a platform:

  • Research and choose reliable platforms. They should have a positive reputation and good reviews online. Finally, they must hold a regular license. 
  • Secure transactions. The best sites offer secure payment options. For example, encrypted transactions and reputable payment services. 
  • Responsible gambling. This is a delicate subject.  Be careful and responsible when wagering. Some advice is the following. Set limits on your betting, and do not go beyond them. Manage your bankroll responsibly. Avoid trying to earn more money after losing it to odds online or during sports betting. Gamble only within your means and seek help if you have addiction problems.

By following these safety precautions, players enjoy the excitement of sabong betting on platforms like 22WIN sabong online casino.

FAQ for Legality of Online Sabong for Filipino Players

What is sabong and how has it evolved into an online format in the Philippines?

Sabong is simply cockfighting. Sabong PH is a traditional sport, and the sabong betting industry is well-developed. It has evolved into an online format, and e-sabong became extremely popular during the pandemic. The development of the internet did the rest.

What are the current laws and regulations regarding online sabong in the Philippines?

At the moment, many ask: is online sabong legal in the Philippines? The answer is that it’s not. After a few years of ambiguous regulations, the situation is not easy now for online sabong GCash players and providers.

Is online sabong legal outside of the Philippines?

Sabong international situation varies. However, sabong worldwide is generally prohibited due to regulations concerning animal fighting and gambling.

What safety measures should Filipino players take when betting on sabong?

Filipino players ought to ensure they choose legitimate and regulated platforms. They should also practice responsible gambling and set limits on their betting activities.

Bayani Navarro
Betting Expert