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Min bet
Wild Symbol (only in bonus games), Scatter Symbol, Autoplay, Turbospin, Bonus Games

Overview of 777 Slot

The 777 Slot, developed by Jili Games, is a high-volatility online slot game with retro style. The game has a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.56%. This makes it a good choice for gamblers who want games with higher payouts.

This slot game has a 3-reel, 3-row layout with 5 paylines. This makes it easy for all types of players to understand and play. Despite Jili Slot 777’s simple design, the game has modern features, such as bonus games, Wild & Scatter symbols.

777 Jili Slot
777 Jili Slot Machine


The 777 Casino Slot by Jili Games features a range of symbols, each with specific payout potentials and roles within the game.

High-Value Symbols:

  • Triple: Acts as a trigger for Bonus Game 1: TRIPLE.
  • Blazing: Initiates Bonus Game 2: BLAZING.
  • Diamond Line: Leads to Bonus Game 3: Diamond Line.

Standard Symbols with Fixed Payouts:

  • Blazing Seven: Awards a payout of x100 the bet when aligned on the payline.
  • Blue Seven: Provides a payout of x75 the bet for a winning combination.
  • Light Blue Seven: Offers a payout of x50 the bet when successfully lined up.
  • Bell: Yields x25 the bet for a set of matching symbols.
  • Dollar: Grants a win of x20 the bet with a full line.
  • Double Bar: Delivers a payout of x15 the bet for a sequence.
  • Bar: Awards x10 the bet when hitting a full line.
  • Any Seven: Provides a smaller payout of x5 the bet, rewarding players for any combination of Seven symbols.
SymbolPotential Win

Bonus Game 1: TRIPLE

Bonus Game 2 : BLAZING

Diamond Line
Bonus Game 3 : Diamond Line

Blazing Seven

Blue Seven

Light Blue Seven



Double Bar


Any Seven


In the Casino Slot 777, paylines refer to the patterns on the reels where symbols must land to form a winning combination. This game has 5 fixed paylines, meaning there are 5 specific paths across the reels that can result in a win. For example, one payline might require three matching symbols to line up directly in the middle of the reels, while another could involve a diagonal pattern.

777 Paylines

However, in bonus games, the number of active paylines is reduced to only two (Diamond Line) or one (Triple & Blazing).

777 Paylines


RTP, or Return to Player, is a percentage that indicates how much of the total money wagered on a slot game is paid back to players over time. The Jili 777 Slot boasts an RTP of 97.56%, which is very high. This means that, theoretically, for every 1000 PHP wagered, the game returns 975.6 PHP to players in winnings. High RTP online slots for real money like this are generally seen as offering better long-term value to players.


Think of the 777Slot game like a roller coaster. It’s got high volatility, which means sometimes you might go a long time without winning anything, kind of like climbing to the top of a really tall roller coaster hill. But when you do win, it’s like zooming down at super speed — the prizes can be huge!

777 Slot Win
777 Slot Win

Min / Max Bets

When you play the Slot 777 online, you may choose how much money you want to bet. If you only want to spend a little, you can bet just 1 PHP. But if you’re feeling like you want to spend more, you could bet up to 1000 PHP.

Jackpot And/Or Maximum Win

The biggest prize you can win is 2,000,000 PHP! This huge prize is because the game can pay out up to 2000 times whatever you bet.

Slot Features

The 777 Slot VIP improves the classic 777 slot machine gameplay with several top features:.

  • Wild Symbol: Exclusive to the bonus games, the Wild symbol becomes available to replace for any other symbol, except for the Jackpot symbol (JP).
  • Scatter Symbol: Key to unlocking the 777 Bonus Games, the Scatter symbol needs to appear in twos or more to trigger these special rounds.
  • Autoplay: The autoplay function allows players to set an automatic 10 spins at a constant bet level.
  • Turbospin: The Turbospin accelerates the spin speed, making gameplay faster and allowing players to see outcomes more quickly.
777 Bonus Games
777 Bonus Games

777 Bonus Games

The 777 Slot VIP presents three bonus games, each with its own set of rewards.

  • TRIPLE Game: Accessible through the bonus rounds, the TRIPLE game offers players a shot at a jackpot linked to the TRIPLE symbols.
  • BLAZING Game: Similarly, the BLAZING game activates its own jackpot with the alignment of 3 BLAZING symbols during the bonus rounds.
  • Diamond Line Game: Unique among the bonus features, the Diamond Line game is available only when a player’s bet is 5 PHP or higher.
777 Jili Slot
777 Jili Slot

My Playing Experience

Playing the 777 Slot by Jili Games felt like a breath of fresh air for classic slots. The high RTP meant wins came often, making every spin exciting. The bonus games, especially with activated Diamond Line, triggered frequently. The only hiccup was the autoplay limit of just 10 spins, which felt a bit short and slowed down the flow of my game.

Graphics & Sound

The game’s sounds took me straight back to a 90s casino, which I loved. While I enjoyed the retro style, some graphics, like the pixelated win amounts, could be smoother. It’s a small touch that would make the visual feelings even better without losing that classic vibe.

FAQ for 777 Slot Machine

What is the RTP of the 777 Slot, and what does it mean for players?

The 777 Slot has an RTP (Return to Player) of 97.56%.

How do the bonus games work in the 777 Slot?

The 777 Slot features three bonus games: TRIPLE, BLAZING, and Diamond Line. These are triggered by landing two or more Scatter symbols. Each game offers unique rewards, with the Diamond Line game requiring a minimum bet of 5 PHP to be accessible.

Can I play the 777 Slot with a small bet, and what’s the maximum win?

Yes, you can start playing with a 1 PHP minimum bet. The maximum big win 777 Slot online is 2,000,000 PHP, achieved by hitting the jackpot, which pays out up to 2000 times your bet.

Are there any special features in the 777 Slot that stand out?

Yes, the 777 Slot includes special features like a Wild symbol available only in bonus rounds and a Turbospin option that speeds up the gameplay. However, the autoplay is limited to 10 spins at a time, which some players might find less convenient.