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Golden Symbols, Combo Multiplier, Bonus Buy, Autospin and Turbospin, Jili Level System

Super Ace is an online slot developed by Jili Games, widely known among players from Asia. The slot is characterized by its unique design, as you are essentially at a blackjack table. The symbols consist of classic playing card indexes and suits. Super Ace has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 paylines. The game is developed only for mobile devices and is not optimized for desktop play.

Super Ace Slot
Super Ace Slot

Symbols in Super Ace

The primary set of payout symbols in Super Ace includes the card symbols J-A and the suits. Each symbol has a gold version that can transform into a Wild, enhancing the potential for winning combinations. However, the Super Ace slot machine’s main feature lies in its unique symbols, which increase the potential winnings and add excitement to the gameplay.

Classic Payout Symbols

Super Ace Classic Payout Symbols

Special Symbols

  • The Joker Symbol (Wild) is only created from Golden Symbols of elimination.
    • The Joker Card comes in two types: Big Joker Card and Little Joker Card.
    • Dropping the Big Joker Symbol will replace 1 to 4 symbols (except the Scatter and Joker symbols) and randomly pick on reels 2 to 5 by Big Joker Symbol.
    • With the Little Joker Symbol, The Golden Symbol replaces to Joker Symbol only.
    • The Joker Symbol replaces all symbols except Scatter.
  • Landing 3 or more Scatters will trigger the Free Game with 10 free spins. Landing 3 Scatters in the Free Game will trigger an additional 5 free spins available to stack.

Combo Multiplier

Combo Multiplier Levels
Combo Multiplier Levels
  • The Combo Multiplier has 4 levels as x1, x2, x3, x5 in normal game and as x2, x4, x6, x10 in Free Game.
  • All wins and pays are multiplied by the Combo Multiplier.
  • The Combo Multiplier starts from x1 for the first elimination of wins and pays.
  • The Combo Multiplier is increased to x2 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x1.
  • The Combo Multiplier is increased to x3 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x2.
  • The Combo Multiplier is increased to x5 after eliminating any wins and pays from the multiplier level as x3.
  • The Combo Multiplier resets to x1 by no wins and pays off for starts the next spin.


Super Ace features 1024 paylines. All wins pay from the leftmost reel to the right on adjacent reels. During the game, all winning symbols will “flip” again. After the flip, new symbols replace the previous winning symbols and are re-evaluated for more wins. If there are no winning symbols after the re-evaluation, the current game-winning amount will be awarded to the player. The formula for calculating winnings is Winnings = Pay x Lines x Bet. Please note that any malfunction voids all pays and plays.


Unfortunately, the developer does not provide specific data on the Return to Player (RTP) for Super Ace. According to support from Pesobet Casino, Super Ace has an RTP of about 88%. This is below the average for most slot games. However, it’s essential to understand that RTP is a long-term mathematical expectation of winnings. It does not have significant implications for an individual gaming session and cannot be used to calculate potential winnings accurately for any single play.


Super Ace is characterized by a low volatility rating (2/5, as indicated by the developers). This suits players who prefer longer gaming sessions with more frequent wins. However, it’s important to note that while wins may occur more often in low-volatility slots, the payouts are typically smaller. This trade-off is essential for players when choosing which games to play, especially if they want consistent but smaller returns over their gameplay.

Min / Max Bets

Super Ace offers a very accommodating betting range, from 0.5 PHP to 1000 PHP, as confirmed by 22WIN online casino. This range includes one of the lowest minimum bets available among online slots. Therefore, players must refrain from making large deposits to enjoy multiple spins.

Maximum Win 

The maximum win multiplier in Super Ace is x1500. With a maximum bet of 1000 PHP, your potential maximum win could reach 1,500,000 PHP (approximately $25,000)! This huge payout is considered a jackpot in casino gaming.

Super Ace Game’s Features

Super Ace Game’s Features
Super Ace Game’s Features
  • Golden Symbols: These symbols can transform into Wilds, boosting the potential for winning combinations.
  • Combo Multiplier: This feature can multiply your winnings 10 times in the Bonus Round and up to 5 times in normal play mode.
  • Bonus Buy: Players can purchase a bonus game, which provides access to an increased Combo Multiplier, offering a more lucrative gaming experience.
  • Autospin and Turbospin: These options speed up gameplay, making it more efficient and dynamic for players who prefer a faster pace.
  • Jili Level System: By playing slots from Jili Games, you can increase your level and earn rewards for your progress. This adds an extra layer of engagement and incentive, encouraging players to continue playing and advancing within the game.

My Gaming Experience

Despite my extensive experience with many slot games, Super Ace captured my attention and time. The Wild Symbols’ unique features create a double expectation with each spin. While I prefer high-volatility slots for the more intense emotions they offer from potential big wins, Super Ace provides a pleasant way to spend a relaxed evening gaming. The only disadvantage for me was the need for desktop optimization. However, this will be fine if you play from a mobile device.

During my research, I also discovered some interesting information. Sometimes, this slot is listed as being developed by TaDa Gaming (even the loading screen changes), which initially led to some confusion. After checking both providers’ websites, I realized they are the same company, and the slot developer listed depends on the region. So, don’t be alarmed if you see this discrepancy.

Super Ace FAQs

What is the RTP of the Super Ace online slot?

According to Pesobet Casino support, Super Ace has an RTP of approximately 88%.

Can I get a casino free spins bonus for the Super Ace slot?

Yes, our site features casinos offering Super Ace free spins bonuses. Consult our recommended casinos section for more information.

Can I purchase a bonus game in the Super Ace slot?

Yes, you can activate 10 bonus free spins at any time for 40 times the value of one spin.

Can I play Super Ace with a bet of 1 PHP?

Yes, since the minimum bet is 0.5 PHP, you can play with a bet of 1 PHP.