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After hearing so much buzz about PesoWin Casino, our team decided to dive deep into its offerings. We made a deposit, played some of their top games, and dug into every aspect to bring our readers an unbiased PesoWin review. Is PesoWin legit? Let’s find out. Keep reading to learn more about this online casino from our Pesowin review.

  • GCash, Maya, Grab
  • Modern, easy-to-navigate website
  • Quick payment processing

Welcome Bonus: Referral Bonus in Real-Time

PesoWin Casino has a really good bonus system for inviting new players. New people get an exciting bonus just for joining. They can play fun games and also get extra bonus money for referring friends. PesoWin makes it very rewarding for bettors to invite their friends.

Pesowin Coupon Code
Pesowin Coupon Code
Bonus LevelBonus Amount (PHP)Description
Level 1100Direct Invite
Level 230Indirect Invitation
Level 320Indirect Invitation
PesoWin Welcome Bonus

Inviting people can help create wealth together: people who become one of PesoWin’s top partners, a monthly income of up to 1,000,000 PHP is possible.

The earning rules are clear:

  • Invite new users via a personal link. When they reload and wager, commissions are earned.
  • A three-tier commission scheme rewards earnings from each invited user’s bets. Up to 0.3% wagering bonus for Level 1, 0.15% for Level 2, and 0.05% for Level 3.
  • Be certain the card name is unique and active. Misusing accounts could result in a permanent ban.

Notably, PesoWin has over 20,000 promoter subscribers. The top dealer, Kumari, has invited 1,980 people and earns a daily commission of at least 20,000 PHP.

How to Register and Claim Your Bonus at PesoWin Casino

To join the world of PesoWin gambling and lay on one on their paid-off bonuses, run after these detailed steps:

  1. Step 1 Visit PesoWin Casino Online

    Point the path to the official PesoWin website or use the PesoWin app.

  2. Step 2 Click on “Register”

    It is usually set at the top-right corner.

  3. Step 3 Fill in Details

    Provide all the big bucks’ personal data.

  4. Step 4 Verify Email

    Check the inbox for a green light link from PesoWin.

  5. Step 5 Log in to PesoWin

    Use the newly created credentials.

  6. Step 6 Navigate to “Promotions” or “Bonuses”

    Here, people can find the PesoWin coupon code today or the referral bonus section.

  7. Step 7 Make a Deposit

    Choose from the available deposit methods and remember, to activate the bonus a minimum deposit of ₱200 might be required.

  8. Step 8 Claim Your Bonus

    Once the deposit is successful, the bonus should be credited to the account.

  9. Step 9 Start Playing

    Now when players have the bonus, it is easy to explore the games and see how to win in PesoWin.

  10. Step 10 Withdrawing

    To take out money from PesoWin, go to the ‘Wallet’ area and follow the instructions shown there.

PesoWin Casino Promotions and Offers

PesoWin Casino cares about making gamblers happy online with many bonuses and rewards, from welcome bonuses to VIP deals, to show they value every bettor.

New Player Pack Bonus: A Warm Welcome

At PesoWin Casino, every rookie is treated like royalty: as part of their New Player Pack bonus, PesoWin online casino platform gamers are given a hearty welcome.

New Player Recharge Bonus at Pesowin
New Player Recharge Bonus at Pesowin
Deposit Limit (PESO)Bonus
New Player Pack Bonus

Rules Description:

  • This promotion is exclusive to first-time users who stir up at least 200 PESO.
  • For withdrawals: The amount people bet needs to be at least 25 times more than the amount reloaded, plus any bonus. Note: Bets on live casino games don’t count for withdrawals.
  • Make sure your name and bank card details are correct and unique to you. Having duplicate accounts from different internet connections is not allowed and will get your account frozen for all time.

Exclusive VIP Bonuses: Rewards for the Elite

PesoWin Casino rewards its loyal players with an exciting PesoWin club program. As people reach higher VIP levels, they get special bonus rewards as a thank-you.

Exclusive VIP Bonuses at Pesowin
Exclusive VIP Bonuses at Pesowin
VIP LevelBonus (PHP)
VIP Levels Bonuses

Special Note: When upgrading to a higher VIP level, the new bonus amount is claimed. This new bonus replaces any previous bonus.


  • To get bonuses, upgrading VIP status is required after deals are announced.
  • To withdraw bonus money, betting at least 30 times the bonus amount is needed.
  • Using a real name and unique bank card avoids account suspension.

With these promos and bonus codes, PesoWin provides many reasons to keep playing.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at PesoWin Casino

At PesoWin Casino, the process for adding money (deposits) and taking out money (withdrawals) is made easy for players. They accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal amounts to suit everyone’s needs.

Recharge (Deposit) Options at PesoWin Casino

Amount (₱)Bonus
Deposit Options at PesoWin Casino

Payment Methods for Recharge:

  • MAYA (+₱15.00)

Recharge Notes:

  • Minimum deposit: ₱200
  • Enter the payment details correctly for the deposit to go through;
  • Deposits are typically completed within 5 minutes;
  • If people have any problems or questions, they can get help through the live chat on PesoWin’s website.
Banking at Pesowin
Banking at Pesowin

Withdrawal Options at PesoWin Casino

Withdrawal Amount Range (₱)Fee
300 – 1,20030PHP
1,200 – 10,0002.5%
Withdrawal Options at PesoWin Casino

Withdrawal Notes:

  • Withdrawal time frame: 10:00 – 24:00
  • Minimum withdrawal: ₱300
  • Maximum withdrawal: ₱10,000
  • It may take between 5 minutes and 24 hours for bettors withdrawal to be processed.
  • Make sure your withdrawal data is right to avoid any problems.
  • If gamers have any questions, they can use the live chat to get assistance.

PesoWin Casino has clear withdrawal rules and good customer support to help make withdrawing easy.

Gaming Selection at PesoWin Casino

Casino Games

In-House Games at Pesowin
In-House Games at Pesowin

These are classic games like slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more. Some top slot games are Aztec Gems, Dragon Kingdom, and Fruit Bonanza. For table games, users enjoy American Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Some standout titles include:

  • Fruit Bombs
  • Lucky Color
  • Dice
  • Keno
  • Ball

JDB Games

JDB Games at Pesowin
JDB Games at Pesowin

For those who love games with an Asian theme, the JDB section at PesoWin Casino is a real treat. Here are some must-try Asian-themed games in that section:

Dragon TigerThis classic Asian game is all about predicting whether the Dragon or Tiger card will have a higher value when dealt. It’s simple and exciting.
SicboAlso known as Tai Sai or Big/Small, Sicbo is an ancient Chinese dice game. Roll the three dice and bet on totals or specific combinations.
Pok DengA fun game from Thailand, Pok Deng involves using a catching cup to pick up bouncing balls. Make the right predictions to win!
HiloAnother Thai game, Hilo challenges you to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the current card. Easy rules but packed with excitement.
Best JDB Games

VOP Games

VOP Games at Pesowin
VOP Games at Pesowin

Venture into the VOP section at PesoWin Casino for an exciting and eclectic mix of games. Here are some top picks from this section:

Emerald Frog FortuneThis vibrant slot is themed around a lucky frog and features 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Look out for the frog symbols to trigger fun bonus rounds.
Rabbit’s FortuneGet ready for an adorable adventure with Rabbit’s Fortune. This 5-reel slot has bunny characters and offers free spins and multipliers.
Polly’s Pay DayIn Polly’s Pay Day, you’ll meet the friendly parrot, Polly. This 5-reel, 20-payline game has a tropical beach theme and engaging bonus features.
Mines ProFor something different, try Mines Pro. It’s an exciting casual game where gamblers click tiles to reveal hidden mines and multipliers to boost the winnings.
VOP Section at Pesowin Casino

JILI Games

JILI Games at Pesowin
JILI Games at Pesowin

JILI offers some visually stunning and engaging games that are sure to knock out players. Here are a few must-try titles from this provider:

Super AceGet ready for a high-flying adventure in Super Ace. This slot features detailed 3D graphics of fighter jets and an exciting free spins bonus round.
Golden EmpireTransport yourself to ancient China in the Golden Empire. With its ornate gold and red theme, this 5-reel slot immerses gamers in the riches of dynasties past.
Boxing KingStep into the ring with Boxing King, an action-packed boxing-themed slot. Watch the fighters battle it out while gamers aim to land winning combos.
Pharaoh TreasureExplore the tombs and treasures of ancient Egypt in Pharaoh Treasure. This Egyptian-themed slot dazzles with its bright graphics and pyramid bonus symbols.
JILI Games at Pesowin

The JILI games really stand out with their best visual quality and immersive themes. From airborne adventures to archeological digs, these titles provide an engaging gaming experience with every spin at PesoWin Casino.


Slot Games at Pesowin
Slot Games at Pesowin

No online casino is truly complete without a fantastic collection of slot games. PesoWin Casino delivers some highly engaging and funny slot titles, including:

Courier SweeperGet ready for a thrilling package delivery time in Courier Sweeper! This fun 5-reel slot has vibrant graphics and bonus rounds where users help the couriers collect packages.
Penalty ShootoutSoccer fans will love Penalty Shootout, a slot that captures the excitement of scoring the winning goal. Line up your players and aim for the bonus rounds.
Fruit Super NovaFor a classic slot fun with a twist, try Fruit Super Nova. This fruity 5-reel game has traditional symbols but also blazing supernovas that can reveal surprising payouts.
IcemaniaBeat the winter chill with Icemania, a frosty 5-reel slot filled with icy wonders like frozen diamonds and polar bears. The icy wilds and free spins will warm gamblers up!
Slot Games at Pesowin

Fishing Games

Fishing Games at Pesowin
Fishing Games at Pesowin

For players who love the thrill and fun of fishing games, PesoWin Casino has an amazing array of titles to choose from:

Jackpot FishingCast the line and try to reel in the big one in Jackpot Fishing! This thrilling game lets users catch various fish, each with their prize value. Aim for the jackpot by landing the most valuable catches.
Mega FishingThe fun gets vast in Mega Fishing. With larger-than-life aquatic creatures swimming across your screen, bettors will feel like a real angling master as you battle to hook the biggest prizes.
Dinosaur TycoonFor a unique fishing adventure, check out Dinosaur Tycoon. Instead of catching fish, users will be hunting for prehistoric creatures and valuable fossils hidden beneath the water’s surface.
Royal FishingPrepare for a luxurious underwater tour in Royal Fishing. With glittering graphics and royal characters, this game adds a touch of elegance to the thrill of the catch.
Dragon FortuneThe waters get mythical in Dragon Fortune, where gamers will encounter mysterious dragonfish swimming with shimmering treasure. Snare these fantastic beasts for a chance at magnificent fortunes.
Fishing Games at Pesowin

With creative themes, simple gameplay, and exciting potential payouts, the fishing games at PesoWin Casino offer an immersive and captivating experience for anglers of all skill levels.

Pg Slots

Pg Slots at Pesowin
Pg Slots at Pesowin

The Pg Slot category at PesoWin Casino offers some truly captivating and unique slot titles that are sure to entertain. Here are a few must-try games from this section:

Honey Trap of Diao ChanInspired by the legendary Chinese beauty, this 5-reel slot transports players to ancient times with stunning graphics and the chance to trigger lucrative free spins.
Ganesha GoldGet ready for a spiritual journey in Ganesha Gold, a vibrant Indian-themed game that celebrates the beloved Hindu deity. Collect Ganesha symbols for divine payouts!
MedusaFace the mythical gorgon Medusa in this Greek mythology-inspired 5-reel adventure. But don’t turn to stone – unlock her riches through exciting bonus rounds.
Piggy GoldThis fun and quirky 5-reel slot stars an adorable piggy bank character that helps you collect golden coins and bonus prizes galore.
Hip Hop PandaGroove to the beats in Hip Hop Panda, a modern and lively slot featuring a rapping panda bear character and funky music to energize your gaming session.
Pg Slot Games at PesoWin

Live Casino

Live Casino at Pesowin
Live Casino at Pesowin

Let me give you a taste of some of the live casino highlights the website is serving up:

MONOPOLY LiveThe iconic Monopoly board game has been upgraded to a legit live multiplayer money-maker.
Lightning DiceA turbocharged, lightning-paced version of the dice game you know and love. Blink and you’ll miss these electrifying rolls.
Caribbean Stud PokerPlain ol’ poker is kid’s stuff. This live Caribbean Stud puts an exotic twist on the classic card game.
Dream CatcherNot your ordinary game of chance, Dream Catcher is a real
visual spectacle with its massive spinning wheel.
BaccaratA classic baccarat action – PesoWin’s got this timeless game on tap.
Live Casino Games at Pesowin

Bg Slots

Bg Slots at Pesowin
Bg Slots at Pesowin

Bg Slot offers a fresh mix of classic and modern-day titles. Let us run through a few of the standout slot games they’re rocking:

West TownTransport yourself to an old western frontier town with this action-packed slot adventure.
Aztec Magic DeluxeFor all the history buffs, go on an ancient Aztec treasure hunt filled with magic and riches.
Aloha King ElvisNo casino is complete without an Elvis-themed game. This one pairs the King’s music with a laidback Hawaiian vibe.
Johnny CashWalk on the wild side with the one and only Johnny Cash slot from one music icon to another.
Scratch DiceScratching that lottery ticket itch? Give this hybrid scratch card/dice slot game a roll!
Bg Slots at Pesowin

What Makes PesoWin Casino Unique?

BgSlot sets itself apart from the pack in a bunch of key areas. But like anything, it’s not all roses – there are also a few potential downsides to be aware of. Let’s break down the good and the not-so-good.

  • Expansive Game Choice: Lots of games to choose from – both their own games and popular slots for every type of player.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Very easy to use website that is simple for rookies or ace gamers.
  • Live Chat & Telegram Support: Fast support via live chat and Telegram if you ever need help.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Lots of bonuses and promotions like welcome bonuses and VIP rewards.
  • Responsible Gaming: The site focuses on responsible gaming with tools to keep gambling under control.
  • Limited Mobile Compatibility: Right now, the mobile app is only available for Android phones, not iPhones/iPads.
  • Restricted Countries: Users from some countries like the USA and Australia can’t access the casino due to restrictions.

PesoWin’s Mobile Accessibility

These days, having a good mobile option is really important for online businesses like casinos. PesoWin clearly sees this and offers an app for Android phones and tablets. While the app is only for Android right now and not iPhone/iPad, it still lets players enjoy all of PesoWin’s games on the go. The app provides a smooth, convenient mobile gaming experience. On top of the mobile app, PesoWin also has live chat and Telegram support channels. This allows players to quickly get help anytime, anywhere whether they are on a computer or their mobile device.

PesoWin makes it easy to play their casino games and get assistance while away from home. The Android app keeps people connected, and their support is just a message away if any issues pop up. It’s a handy setup for modern gamers who play on the go.

Telegram Support at Pesowin
Telegram Support at Pesowin

Responsible Gaming at PesoWin Casino

PesoWin takes responsible gaming really seriously: it provides an enjoyable time but also makes sure players catch all the potential risks of problem gambling. Here are some of the key responsible gaming features people can benefit from in place:

  • Information & Support: players can email PesoWin’s support anytime to get guidance. The team is trained specifically on responsible gaming and will keep things confidential.
  • Self-Exclusion: PesoWin lets players self-exclude themselves from all gambling for a set period – anywhere from 6 months up to 5 years. A good way to take a cool-off break.
  • Age Restrictions: only players 18 and older are allowed on the platform, period. PesoWin also recommends parents use internet filters to block underage kids.
  • Helpful Guidelines: casino devs provide plenty of tips on how to gamble responsibly – like setting deposit limits, avoiding chasing losses, and taking regular breaks.

PesoWin makes an effort to educate players and give them tools to stay in control. Their focus is on promoting a fun but safe, healthy gambling setting for everyone. The self-exclusion and other protection features show their commitment.

FAQ about PesoWin Casino in the Philippines

Is PesoWin Casino legit?

Yes, PesoWin operates under strict regulations to provide a 100% fair and secure gaming environment for all players.

What security do they use to protect player data?

PesoWin doesn’t mess around when it comes to security. The site employs advanced encryption tech and secured servers to safeguard every single player’s personal information and financial transaction details. The data is locked up tighter than in Fort Knox.

Do they have a loyalty/VIP program?

While we didn’t cover it in detail, PesoWin absolutely has a sweet loyalty program for their regular players. The more people play, the more points they earn towards climbing the VIP ladder. Bigger benefits, higher withdrawal limits, and personalized service await at the top VIP tiers.

Can I set betting/deposit limits on my account?

PesoWin is all about that responsible gaming life. Players can set custom daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits right on their account. This helps keep the gaming habits manageable and within the set budget. PesoWin wants gamers playing safe!

Carlos Reyes
Editor in Chief