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BouncingBall8 Entertainment is a safe and fun online casino for players in the Philippines. Its main game is bingo, but it also has other popular options like EVO Megaball. Recently, BouncingBall8 added even more games like slots, fishing games, live casino tables, card games, and sports betting. When people create an account at, they can play bingo games and have chances to win prizes. But this site offers more than just bingo fun. BouncingBall8 provides a full online gaming experience that is safe, secure, and exciting. Players get a complete platform to enjoy their favorite casino games.

  • GCash, Maya, Bank, Crypto
  • Lucky Draw Everyday
  • Sabong betting Available

Welcome Bonus at BouncingBall8 – Get 100₱ No Deposit Bonus

One of the major highlights from our time at BouncingBall8 was their cool welcome bonus offer for new members. Rookies should be ready because the online casino PH platform is rolling out the red carpet! Here’s a quick rundown of the juicy welcome bonus details gamblers can look forward to when first joining BouncingBall8:

Register & Download APP Get 100 PHP
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo, Slot, Fisher
BonusPHP 100
Max WithdrawalPHP 100

How to Avail the Welcome Bonus

Ready to jump into the action and claim the FREE BET 100? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Step 1 Download the App

    First, download and install the BouncingBall8 APP.

  2. Step 2 Register

    Create a BouncingBall8 account using the app.

  3. Step 3 Complete your Profile

    Enter the Gcash account details in the Payment section and verify the phone number in the member center to achieve level 2.

  4. Step 4 Claim Your Bonus

    Message the BouncingBall8 Customer Service to get the free PHP 100. Don’t forget to send a screenshot of the downloaded app.

First Deposit Challenge: Win PHP 2,000

If the FREE BET 100 wasn’t exciting enough, BouncingBall8 ups the ante for new members with another enticing offer. Users have a challenge with the first deposit promo and stand a chance to win PHP 2,000. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

First Deposit Challenge at BouncingBall8
First Deposit Challenge at BouncingBall8
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo, Slot, Fisher
DepositPHP 100
Condition to MeetTurnover 0x/ promo wallet balance 2000+
Max WithdrawalPHP 2000
Application FrequencyOne time only

How to Avail the First Deposit Win 2000

Feeling pumped to pull in on this BouncingBall8 welcome bonus action? Here’s the easy step-by-step:

  1. Step 1 Apply for the Promotion

    Remember, each member can apply only once.

  2. Step 2 Application Steps

    Navigate to the Website or APP, go to Member Center -> Promotion List -> Apply for Promos and pick the desired variant.

  3. Step 3 Stopping the Promotion

    If you wish to opt-out, head over to the Website or APP -> Member Center -> Promotion List -> Apply, and then choose “Stop promotion.”

  4. Step 4 Promotion Limit

    Users can’t combine this with other promotions: only one promo can be active at a time.

Special Promotions and Rewards at BouncingBall8 Casino

From daily bonuses to hot VIP journeys, BouncingBall8 Casino sets the standard high for online casino time. Let’s check out what they offer:

Daily 200% Bonus

BouncingBall8 offers a tempting 200% daily bonus for all their members. Here are the details:

Daily 200% Bonus
Daily 200% Bonus at BouncingBall8
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo, Slot
DepositPHP 100
Max WithdrawalPHP 350
Frequency of Application1 Time per Day
NoteExcess of the max withdrawal during the promotion period will be automatically forfeited when the promotion is unlocked.

How to Avail: Similar to the other promos, head over to the Member Center on the BouncingBall8 website or app, navigate to the Promotion List, and apply for the desired deal.

Subscribe to BouncingBall8’s Telegram Channel

When bettors join the BouncingBall8’s official Telegram channel, they win over a bonus applicable to all games:

BouncingBall8’s Telegram Channel Bonus
Telegram Channel Bonus
Game TypeAll games
Turnover Condition5x turnover
Max WithdrawalUnlimited
Frequency of ApplicationOne time per week

How to Avail: Join BouncingBall8’s official Telegram channel, find the promo post, and start the BB8 Lotto. Fill up the provided form and pick the lucky number for a chance to win!

2,000 Bonus to Win 5,000

BouncingBall8 has a great daily deal that lets players get way more value from their money. This promo gives bettors bonus credits just for making a deposit that day. Here’s how it works in really easy terms: Put some cash into the account and BouncingBall8 will boost that amount with bonus funds. It’s like getting free extra playing money daily when people fund the balance. Pretty sweet way to make your bankroll last a lot longer without having to reload as often.

2,000 Bonus to Win 5,000
2,000 Bonus to Win 5,000
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo, Slot
DepositPHP 1000
Max PayoutPHP 5000
Frequency of ApplicationOnce a day

Welcome to Bingo World!

If bingo is your game of choice, then BouncingBall8 has an offer that will excite you. At this online casino, bingo is the star attraction and they cater especially to bingo players.

BouncingBall8 has dedicated bingo rooms and games running 24/7. Bettors can jump into fast-paced bingo action anytime with plenty of chances to yell “Bingo!” and win cash prizes.

But that’s not all – this site also has special bingo promos and bonuses for bingo lovers. Things like bingo jackpot games, extra balls or bonus rounds during bingo sessions, and more.

Bingo Bonus
BouncingBall8 Bingo Bonus
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo
DepositPHP 100
Max WithdrawalPHP 1000
Frequency of Application1 Time per Week

Bind Paymaya and Get PHP 38 Bonus

Secure your account and pick up a bonus:

Paymaya Bonus
Payamaya Bonus BouncingBall8
Game TypeMegaball, Bingo, Slot
BonusPHP 38
Turnover Condition5x turnover
Max PayoutPHP 100
Frequency of ApplicationOne time

How to Avail: Simply add the PayMaya account data in Payment info, send a screenshot of a fully verified Paymaya account, and message Customer Service at the casino.

Live & Sports 0.5% Daily Rebate

The real ballers who stick around at BouncingBall8 get hooked up with a sweet daily rebate deal based on their VIP status. We’re talking free money back in their account every single day! The higher up the VIP levels users climb, the bigger percentage of their action gets rebated back to them. Players start as a rookie and catch on a 0.3% rebate. But grind their way up to the elite VIP tiers, and that rebate rockets up to an insane 5.0%!

Live & Sports 0.5% Daily Rebate
Live&Sport Bonus at BouncingBall8 Casino
VIP LevelReturn %

BouncingBall8 VIP Journey

Players can level up their casino fun by joining the VIP Journey at BouncingBall8: a loyalty program with cool bonuses and rewards. Gamers catch weekly bonus money for being VIP member with special prizes when they move up to higher VIP levels. And there are exclusive offers just for VIPs: the more people keep playing at BouncingBall8, the better the VIP treats become. It’s a way for loyal players to latch on to extra goodies. The VIP Journey makes the casino experience even more exciting with bonus cash and prizes.

BouncingBall8 VIP Journey
VIP Journey at BouncingBall8 Casino
Weekly Deposit RequirementMore than PHP 200
Bonus FrequencyWeekly

Refer Friends and Get an Unlimited Bonus

BouncingBall8 wants customers to get their friends in on the action, too. That’s why the website has an unlimited referral bonus deal. It works like this – if a player and their friend both deposit PHP 300 or more, BouncingBall8 will give each of them a PHP 50 bonus. Just for referring a pal and both making qualifying deposits. To cash out the PHP 50 bonus, players only need to wager 5 times the bonus amount. An easy 5x playthrough and that free PHP 50 is theirs to keep!

Refer Friends and Get an Unlimited Bonus
Refer Friends BouncingBall8 Bonus
Member’s Consolidated Deposits300+
Friend’s Consolidated Deposits300+
Offer for Member50
Offer for Friend50
Turnover for Both5x
Frequency for MemberUnlimited
Frequency for Friend1 Time

Payment Gateways at BouncingBall8: Swift and Secure

Making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is not only swift but also secure. The process is simple for user convenience, and gamers use GCash, PayMaya, or USDT. No more lengthy waiting periods or complex procedures! Plus, for those wondering about other methods like GrabPay or bank transactions, it’s always good to check the latest on Now, let’s find out the details of the primary payment gateways:

Payment GatewayMinimum Amount (PHP)Maximum Amount (PHP)

Try Games at BouncingBall8

Slot Games: Spin and Win with Top Titles

Slot Games

Slot machines are one of the biggest attractions at BouncingBall8 with a huge rank of really high-quality slot games. The slots have amazing graphics and exciting themes and stories for slot rookies and aces. If gamers are new to casino games, BouncingBall8 has special bonuses just for trying out the slot machines with extra credits or free spins.

Fisher Games: A Thrilling Catch Every Time

Fisher Games

BouncingBall8 adds a new style to the thrill across fishing games. It lets players explore the depths of the oceans for the big catch and adore the fun of reeling it in. The game is not just a matter of chance as it involves strategy and timing, making sure that every game plays out differently.

Live Casino: The Ultimate Real-Time Gaming Experience

Live Casino

Sabong: Relishing the Filipino Tradition


Sabong, a Filipino game, is offered in digital form by BouncingBall8 Casino. So, do not miss this deal for your adrenaline boost as you bet at these exciting cockfights. This will involve probing among the natives and foreigners who understand the art through strategy, chance and traditions.

The BouncingBall8 Betting Experience in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the BouncingBall8 Betting Experience is a great place for sports fans to bet. Here’s a snapshot of what makes this time so unique:

Philippines sport betting at Bouncingball8
Sports Betting at BouncingBall8 Casino

Wide Range of Sports Markets

  • Over 100 different sports markets are available.
  • Popular sports include soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and more.
  • Options for both novice and experienced bettors.

Specialized Betting Rooms

  • Three expertly designed betting rooms for a unique betting experience.
  • Rooms cater to different sports preferences and betting styles.

Variety of Betting Options

  • Live bets and special markets for an immersive experience.
  • Betting options for matches worldwide.

Types of Bets Available

  • Money Line Bets: Simple win/lose bets.
  • Point Spread: Betting on the margin of victory.
  • Over/Under (Totals): Betting on the total points scored.
  • Parlay Bets: Multiple games bet for higher rewards.
  • Prop Bets: Specific event bets within a game.
  • Middle Bets: Balanced risk bets.

User Experience and Support

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • A helpful team is available for support in betting issues.
  • Secure transactions and competitive odds.

Promotions and Bonuses

  • Attractive welcome bonus for new users.
  • Ongoing promotions for regular bettors.

Mobile Betting

  • Convenient mobile app for betting on the go.
  • Easy download and installation guide.

Responsible Gambling

  • Tools for setting deposit limits and self-exclusion.
  • Support for problem gambling.

Why BouncingBall8 Stands Out in the Online Casino Landscape

BouncingBall8 Casino stands out from other online casinos in some important ways:

  • Lots of different games to choose from, like slots, card games, and live casino tables. There are options for all types of players.
  • The games and features are specially picked for the local Filipino market.
  • The live casino is really high-quality. It gives gamers an experience very close to being at an actual casino, with real human dealers running the games live.
  • Rookies may have a bit of a learning curve at first with so many different game choices.
  • Playing at the live casino requires a strong, stable internet connection at all times. Connectivity issues can disrupt your gameplay.

Overall, BouncingBall8 Casino offers a diverse gaming experience customized for the Philippine market, especially with its standout live casino. But new players should be prepared for some variety overload initially, and have a good internet setup.

BouncingBall8 App: Elevating Mobile Casino Gaming

BouncingBall8 Casino knows that more and more people want to play casino games on their mobile devices. That’s why they created their own app for gamblers on-the-go. The BouncingBall8 app is easy to use and player-friendly. It gives you the same great gaming experience as the desktop website version. Users can access the live casino, plus all the regular casino games, right from the mobile phone or tablet. All the top titles are available in an app format optimized for mobile play.

Responsible Gambling at BouncingBall8

BouncingBall8 focuses on responsible gambling. The company makes sure that people can enjoy their games, like bingo and slots, safely abided by data privacy rules, such as GDPR, and shares data responsibilities with Facebook.

Players have full control over their personal data, including the ability to view, edit, delete, and restrict certain uses. This helps them keep control of their data and strengthens responsible gambling habits. Their goal is to provide a secure gaming environment where gamblers feel protected.

FAQs about BouncingBall8 Casino

How do I claim the 100 PHP bonus after the app download at BouncingBall8?

1) Download the BouncingBall8 app and register/login to your account.
2) Go to the ‘Promotions’ section and find the 100 peso bonus offer.
3) Click on it and follow the steps to claim your reward.
4) Make sure you meet any requirements listed in the terms and conditions.

What security measures are in place at BouncingBall8 for player safety?

BouncingBall8 uses the latest encryption technology to keep player information and transactions safe and secure. The site regularly checks for any security weaknesses and fixes them. BouncingBall8 also has a security team monitoring for any suspicious activities to protect players.

Are there any geographical restrictions for BouncingBall8 in the Philippines?

BouncingBall8 is mainly for players in the Philippines. You need to understand the gambling laws in your specific area. In some places, you may need to provide extra documentation or there could be access restrictions.

How often are new games added?

BouncingBall8 works with top game providers to update their game library regularly with new and interesting titles. They roll out new games and updates every month to keep giving gamblers fresh content.

Can I set spending limits on my account?

Yes, BouncingBall8 allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits to control your spending and promote responsible gaming. Go to your account settings or contact support to set these limits.

Carlos Reyes
Editor in Chief