How to Play Sabong with GCash

GCash has become one of the most popular e-wallets for Filipinos to conveniently bet on Sabong (cockfighting) online. With GCash’s instant deposits and quick withdrawals, you can easily place wagers and collect winnings all through your mobile device. This comprehensive guide walks through everything you need to know to start betting on online Sabong using GCash.

GCash in the Philippines

Download and Set Up the GCash Mobile App

Getting started with GCash on your mobile device only takes a few minutes. First, visit your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple App Store for iPhones) and download the official GCash app. 


Launch the app once installed and follow the user-friendly onboarding process to register for a new GCash account. You will need to provide essential personal details during registration such as your Philippine mobile number, full name, birthdate and primary email address. Read through their terms of service and privacy policies too before creating your account. 

Next, you will set up account security by establishing your personalized 4-digit GCash PIN. This PIN gets used for authenticating higher-risk transactions, so be sure to choose a code that only you would know and make sure you never store it anywhere on your device. 

Once your PIN is successfully configured, your GCash e-wallet will be ready for loading funds and eventually placing mobile Sabong wagers.

Fund Your GCash E-Wallet

Before you start placing wagers on cockfights, you first need to add funds to your GCash wallet across any of their supported payment methods. Most GCash online Sabong supporting sites require a minimum balance of at least 10-20 PHP to place a bet, so make sure you have adequate credits. There are several quick and convenient ways to load your online Sabong GCash account:

  • bank-transfer

    Bank Transfer

    Link your Philippine bank accounts like BDO, BPI, Metrobank and Unionbank to instantly transfer funds to GCash. This method has higher daily transfer limits once successfully paired together.

  • GCASH-logo-icon

    GCash Outlets

    Visit over 100,000 partner outlets like 7/11, M. Lhuiller, Cebuana Lhuiller, or Tambunting to add balance for a nominal over-the-counter fee.

  • bonus-code-icon

    Rewards Conversion

    If you accumulated reward points from using GCash’s other services, you can convert these incentives into cash credits usable for Sabong.

It only takes a few seconds to credit your account with enough funds so you won’t encounter any payment issues while in the middle of betting on an exciting match.

Choose a Reputable and Secure Sabong Site That Accepts GCash Payments

The first crucial step is selecting a reliable and properly licensed online Sabong site that fully integrates GCash for payments. Stay away from unauthorized sites and make sure any personal and financial information remains protected. So, how to play online Sabong in GCash? We recommend reviewing several high-quality options:

22Win Casino

With over a decade of operations, this is one of the largest Sabong sites in the Philippines. They live-stream fights daily from popular Sabong hubs with high video quality. Their mobile app and website are easy to use with convenient GCash deposit and withdrawal systems.

Welcome bonus up to ₱25000
20Bet Casino

A newer site that’s rapidly gaining popularity thanks to their focus on high-definition video streams and intuitive interface. They have an in-house team monitoring stream stability for uninterrupted coverage. With GCash’s popularity, they optimized one-click payments through the e-wallet.

Get 100% Up to ₱7,000
Jiliko Casino

In business for over 15 years, this reputable site has one of the most extensive rosters of registered fighting cocks. Their media team captures multiple arena angles with commentary and overlays listing match details. You can quickly link GCash and move funds between it and your betting account.

300% Deposit Bonus Up To $2,000 Every Monday – Thursday

These sites have convenient GCash payment systems so you can deposit funds and withdraw winnings securely. As long as you choose an established platform dedicated to supporting safe and fair game play, you can register an account and deposit funds with confidence using GCash.

Sign Up and Create an Account on the Chosen Sabong Site

Once you set up your GCash mobile wallet app, the next step is registering for an account on your chosen online Sabong platform. Visit the site’s website if accessing from a laptop/desktop computer or download their Android/iOS app if betting through your mobile device. Look for account sign-up sections that allow creating a new user profile. 

Be prepared to provide essential personal information during registration such as your full name, birth date, address and contact details like email and phone number (use the same mobile number linked to your GCash account). 

Ensure all details submitted are accurate. After registering, there may be additional identity verification required through SMS or email confirmation codes to activate your new Sabong account. This helps sites securely validate real individuals opening accounts on their platforms. 

Once your profile passes all verification checks, your Sabong account will be open enabling GCash wallet linking, match browsing, bet placements and other features based on the site.

Place Your Bets on Online Sabong in GCash

Once your GCash wallet has sufficient funds, you can start placing bets on upcoming Sabong fights on your chosen platform. While the exact user interface may differ across sites, the general process to wager on live-streamed cockfights is similar:  

Cockfight in 22Win Casino
  • Browse Available Matches – Use search tools or filters to find scheduled cockfights set to start streaming soon that you want to bet on. Select any match that looks interesting from their roster.
  • Pick Your Cock(s) – Once viewing a particular fight’s details, determine which cock(s) you predict will ultimately win the match. Assess their physical traits, past fight statistics, breed history, and other attributes that may impact success. 
  • Input Wager Amount – Based on your confidence level for your cock picks, enter the peso amount you wish to wager on this match. Ensure you have adequate credits in your linked GCash wallet to place this bet.
  • Confirm Your Bet – Finally, confirm and submit your wager to lock it in before the match goes live. Your chosen site will then deduct the credits from your GCash balance while adding your bet to their system queued up for payout if your picks win.

Continue repeating the process on other upcoming matches that catch your eye. It’s quick and easy to place a variety of GCash-funded bets across different fights all from one account.  

Withdraw Your Online Sabong in GCash Winnings

If expert handicapping and luck results in your cock choices winning matches you bet on, all associated winnings automatically get credited to your account balance on that online Sabong sitelive. One major benefit to depositing through online Sabong GCash live means withdrawing that money is just as fast and convenient.  

Most sites today integrate seamless links enabling withdrawing winnings instantly back to your connected GCash wallet, avoiding delays having to pass through traditional banking channels first. Others may still require transferring funds into a bank account linked to your GCash profile, after which you can redirect the money straight over to GCash from their mobile app.

Withdrawing winnings takes just seconds or minutes depending on the site – no more need to travel and line up in-person just to collect on past Sabong victories!

Pros and Cons of Using GCash for Online Sabong Betting

Using GCash to bet on online Sabong cockfights certainly has its advantages but also some potential drawbacks to consider.

  • Instant deposits & fast withdrawals
  • Avoid lengthy bank transfers
  • Bet small amounts inconvenient through banks
  • Last-minute betting right before fights
  • Convenient mobile access
  • Balance limitations for larger bets
  • Bank transfers needed for high rollers
  • Technical problems can prevent timely bets
  • Missing in-game betting if app issues

Evaluating these pros and cons allows bettors to make informed decisions on using GCash versus other payment methods available at various philippine-licensed Sabong sites.

Get Started Enjoying Mobile Sabong Betting through GCash Today

In summary, playing online Sabong through GCash makes wagering on live-streamed cockfights from anywhere incredibly convenient today for bettors across the Philippines. Simply register with a secure platform, store credits in your GCash e-wallet, place mobile wagers on upcoming fights, watch them unfold live, and withdraw any earnings back to GCash instantly. It’s easier than ever to participate in this popular traditional pastime – all without leaving home!

FAQ for Online Sabong Betting with GCash

How to Win in Online Sabong? Tips

Online sabong is a type of gambling. It is also called cockfighting. The outcome relies mostly on luck. To improve your chances of winning, you can research the history and performance of the cocks. Understand the odds and set a budget. Gamble responsibly. However, remember that there’s no guaranteed way to win in any form of gambling.

Is Online Sabong Illegal?

How Can You Fund Your GCash E-Wallet for Online Sabong Wagers?

You can fund your GCash E-Wallet through various methods. You can link your Philippine bank accounts for instant transfers. Additionally, you can visit partner outlets like 7/11 or M. Lhuiller for over-the-counter deposits. Another option is to convert GCash reward points into cash credits. Ensure you have a minimum balance of 10-20 PHP to place bets.

What Should You Look for in a Reputable and Secure Sabong Site That Accepts GCash Payments?

Look for a licensed and secure online Sabong site with GCash integration. Make sure the site has good video quality and a stable interface. Also, make sure it protects personal and financial information. Sites such as 22Win Casino, 20Bet Casino, and Jiliko Casino are reliable. They offer easy GCash transactions.

Bayani Navarro
Betting Expert