How To Bet on Kentucky Derby in NJ Betting Guide 2024

With the Kentucky Derby drawing closer, there is a greater need to understand what betting on this horse racing event is about and how to get started. We take you through the history of this legal event, the odds, the best sites, and the Kentucky Derby betting options. This betting guide has all the information NJ bettors need to place bets on Kentucky Derby, so tighten your belt for the ride.

How To Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online in NJ

To place wagers on this sporting event, you need a wagering outfit. Suppose you are wondering how you can bet on the Kentucky Derby in NJ. In that case, available choices for gamblers include:

  • Racetracks and Simulcast Facilities: Place bets on three active NJ locations, such as Monmouth Park, Meadowlands, and Freehold Raceway.
  • Bet Online: In New Jersey, players’ choices are listed below
  • Off-track betting facilities: Check out off-track facilities in NJ that offer these odds.
  • Atlantic City casinos (Borgata).

The Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

You can easily watch and place wagers on live racing events from multiple horse betting sites. With different websites available, picking a platform to place bets may be difficult.


TwinSpires NJ

Owned by Chrurhill Downs Inc., this online betting network allows players to watch and bet on Kentucky Derby NJ courses. The platform started as a traditional online casino and sportsbook but has now transitioned to offer only horse racing events to enthusiasts. First-time players on this website can claim a welcome package of up to $200.



This is another leading gambling platform in the US for horse racing that provides live streaming, odds, and other alternatives for betting on the Kentucky Derby online. The welcome gift is a risk-free bet of $200 for new users, which is a great way to get started on the platform and potentially win big.


BetAmerica NJ

BetAmerica is a popular online gambling platform that offers many betting choices, including horse racing, football, and more. BetAmerica offers a user-friendly interface and a range of horse race betting alternatives, making it easy for users to bet on their favorite events. The welcome bonus is a 100% match deposit of up to $100.



BetMGM is a well-established online sports betting platform with a strong presence in the US market. They offer a comprehensive range of gambling choices, including horse racing, football, basketball, and more, making it a great place for sports fans to place their bets. The sign-up reward is a risk-free bet of up to $500 for new users.

Safety in Kentucky Derby Online Betting NJ

It is easy to get lost in the gameplay available on these wagering platforms. When picking a website like BetMGM, you should ensure it is trustworthy and that your safety is guaranteed. Play on only online sites with gambling licenses and are regulated; this way, you know your interests are protected, and you will not be scammed.

You can also use different platforms for Haskell invitational betting and winning.

Kentucky Derby Odds in 2024

For this horse racing event, the odds are determined when all the bets are in, and the race is about to kick off. The odds are also volatile, and this is because they are dependent on the wagers of the players. The horse with the highest bets in a match is termed the “favorite,” while that with the lowest bets is the “underdog.” The reverse is the case with the odds, as the horse with the highest bets has the lowest odds and vice versa.

Arabian KnightBob Baffert6/1
ForteTodd Pletcher10/1
Cave RockBob Baffert12/1
Extra AnejoSteve Asmusssen  15/1
Arabian LionBob Baffert 15/1
Instant CoffeeBrad Cox20/1
National Treasure  Bob Baffert 20/1
LogginsBrad Cox20/1
FaustinBob Baffert25/1
Hoosier PhillyTom Amoss25/1
Kentucky Derby Odds

Understanding Kentucky Derby Odds

Before placing bets, take time to understand odds and their impact on the outcome. The key factors to consider are:

●       Odds reflect a horse’s probability of winning.

●       Lower odds indicate a more favored horse.

●       Higher odds indicate a less favored horse.

●     Odds are dynamic and can change based on factors such as recent performance, weather, and the field of horses.

●       Long-shot horses with high odds offer big payouts, but higher risk.

●       Low-odds favored horses have higher chances of winning but smaller winnings.

Wins in Kentucky Derby History
Wins in Kentucky Derby History

The Biggest Wins in Kentucky Derby History

Historically, interesting wins from various horses and odds have occurred. Don’t rely on favorites. Proper research and analysis are essential before placing bets. Below is a table of 10-year winners, jockeys, trainers, and odds.

2022Rich StrikeSonny LeonEric Reed80/1
2021MandalounJohn VelazquezBrad Cox15/1
2020AuthenticJohn VelazquezBob Baffert8/1
2019Country HouseFlavien PratBill Mott65/1
2018JustifyMike E. SmithBob Baffert5/2
2017Always DreamingJohn VelazquezTodd Pletcher9/2
2016NyquistMario GutierrezDoug O’Neill2/1
2015American PharoahVictor EspinozaBob Baffert5/2
2014California ChromeVictor EspinozaArt Sherman5/2
2013OrbJoel RosarioClaude McGaughey III5/1
The Biggest Wins in Kentucky Derby History

Choosing a Kentucky Derby Betting Site with the Best Bonuses

Bonuses are essential for all online players as they can greatly increase your winning potential. Claim different bonuses on any online website like BetAmerica, depending on your qualification and status on the betting platform.

TwinSpires Sign Up Bonus
Sign Up Bonus at TwinSpires

These bonuses include:

●       Welcome bonus.

●       Sign-up bonus.

●       Cashback.

●       Reload bonus.

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

This ultimate horse racing event brings a lot of enthusiasts together to enjoy the thrill of the game and the possibility of winning their wagers. This excitement may be foreign to you as a newbie, so let us explain how to bet Kentucky Derby in NJ.

There are two main wagering types for this horse racing event:

Straight Bets

These are the most common because they are easy to understand, so players often go for this bet type. There are four alternatives here;

●   Win: This wager is the most popular. You are only required to select the horse you predict to win and place a bet from $1 or $2 up to $10,000. The pay is based on the game’s odds, and you lose your wager if the horse loses.

●   Place: This is similar to the “win” wager, but you will be paid if the horse comes in 2nd place. The wager amount is the same.

●   Show: Like the others, you will get paid if your horse comes in first, second, or third place.

●   Across The Board: Instead of picking one of the three standard wagers to bet on the Kentucky Derby, place three bets on one horse to win, place, or show. With this option, you will get the finest odds for pay depending on the odds for the position the horse wins at.

Exotic Bets

If you are interested in more risk and even higher wins, try the more complicated bets for outcomes that combine different factors.

●  Exacta: This is a bet on two horses to win first and second. An example is “exacta 2, 5,” which is a bet on horse no. 2 to come in first place and horse no. 5 come in second place. You can double your potential win when you “box” the bet to select the same horses in either order.

●  Trifecta: This is the same as the exacta bet, except this time, your bet is on three horses to win the first three positions in exact order, e.g., “trifecta 2, 5, 8.” Box this bet by betting on the same three horses in every combination to win first, second, or third.

●  Superfecta: This bet is on four exact horses to win the first four places in the race in a specific order. e.g., “superfecta 2, 5, 8, 3.” Box this bet by placing bets on the same four horses to win first, second, third, or fourth place in any arrangement.

Kentucky Derby Online Betting in NJ: Strategies

For a higher winning chance at the Kentucky Derby, consider checking out winning strategies that can guide your betting decisions and help you select a winner.

Consider the Track Conditions

The condition of the track can affect a horse’s winning potential. Consider whether it is regular, muddy, or wet, as speed horses may not perform well in some conditions.

The Horse’s History is Key

The race results are heavily centered on the horse’s features and abilities. Your betting strategy should consider these four factors:

●   Pace: The Derby is a long race, and the pacesetters are not often the match winners because they cannot conserve enough energy to push toward the end. Check out how your favorite has performed over time; a horse that hangs behind a bit and stays in a good middle position is more likely to win.

●   Stamina: Because the Kentucky Derby is a long race, your winning horse should have enough stamina to stand the race. Horses that are great at long distances or preferred to those that perform well in sprints.

●   Class: The bloodline and experience of the horse matter. If its parents were good runners with good speed and stamina. Also, the more tested it is, the more information you have to decide.

●   Underdog or Favorite: It is a common misconception to bet on the favorite every thinks would win, but with underdogs like Authentic, and Rich Strike making a comeback, you shouldn’t blindly choose the favorite.

It is Not All about the Horses

It is a common mistake for people to focus on the horse’s experience and features. However, these horses do not have as much experience or background as the trainers and jockeys. Because these guys have been around for longer, you can analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and performance history to determine how well they will perform with their paired horses.

Your Bet Matters

Although easier and less complicated, exotic bets offer higher possible wins, so consider your betting type carefully.

Betting tips for the 2024 Kentucky Derby

Betting on the Kentucky Derby can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions and increase your chances of making successful bets on the 2024 Kentucky Derby; research the horses and their recent performances.

1. Consider the jockeys’ experience and track record.

2. Pay attention to the weather and track conditions.

3. Check for any recent injuries or changes in trainer or ownership.

4. Don’t put all your money on one horse; spread your bets to increase your chances of winning.

5. Pay attention to the odds, and don’t be afraid to bet on a long shot with high odds.

6. Keep an eye on the betting trends and see which horses attract the most bets.

7. Consider using a betting system or strategy to help guide your bets.

How to Read a Daily Racing Form

Reading this form would give you information and insights on the upcoming race and help guide your decisions; you can find it in your local stores. The running pattern of all listed horses is available in the form; however, you have to learn to read the listing to understand it.

The form is read from left to right, and the numbers, symbols, and letters have different meanings.

●      Numbers: 1 to 9 tell you what position the horse finished the race; however, 0 means it didn’t make the first 9.

●      Symbols: Separates the seasons, showing the horse’s position for each season, while / represents a gap, showing that it missed a whole season.

●       Letters: Find abbreviations that have different meanings in the form.

●       BD (Brought Down): Knocked down by an opponent.

●       BF (Beaten Favorite): A favorite that lost the match.

●       C (Course): Previously won the course.

●       D (Distance): Previously won over the distance.

●       CD (Course & Distance): Previously won over distance and course.

●       F (Fell): The horse fell.

●       R (Refused): The horse refused to be led.

●       U or UR (Unseated): It unseated its partner jockey.

Find information about how horses performed in different track conditions. They include:

●       Fast (fst): A normal and ideal track.

●       Good (gd): A muddy track (usually after heavy rain).

●       Sloppy (slp): A wet track.

A wet number usually accompanies these to tell you how the horse performed; it is between 0 and 480.

Kentucky Derby History

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race held annually on the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, since 1875. It is the oldest US sporting event and is considered the world’s most prestigious horse race. Part of the Triple Crown, the race is open to three-year-old thoroughbreds and runs over 1 1/4 miles. Aristides won the first Kentucky Derby, and since then, the race has been won by great horses in racing history, including Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed.

Kentucky Derby History
Kentucky Derby History

With a rich history, memorable moments, and legendary horses, the Kentucky Derby is known for its festive atmosphere and iconic drink, the Mint Julep. A popular sports betting event, it attracts gamblers from around the world. Whether experienced or new, the Kentucky Derby provides excitement from start to finish.

Kentucky Derby FAQ

When is the Kentucky Derby 2024?

This historical racing event will be held on May 6.

Is it safe to bet on the Kentucky Derby online in NJ?

As long as you choose a trustworthy and licensed casino or sportsbook, you can safely place bets on your favorite horse for a chance to secure a win.

How are Competitors Defined?

They are three-year-old thoroughbred horses who have met specific criteria set by the Kentucky Derby regulations, such as earning a certain number of points in designated races and meeting certain eligibility requirements.

What is the Biggest Known Winning Ticket on the Kentucky Derby bet?

According to the records, it is a $2 million Superfecta bet, which an anonymous bettor placed at the William Hill sports book at the Wynn Las Vegas casino in 2018.

What is the Distance of the Kentucky Derby Race?

This historic race is set at a distance of one and a quarter (114) miles or 2 kilometers.