Parx March Madness Bracket Gambling 2024

Top US sports betting platforms are already preparing the odds for the 2024 events. Start planning your NCAA tournament bracket with quality sites like Parx Casino, BetMGM, and Fanduel. Parx March Madness bracket gambling odds have consistently stood out in recent years, but 2024 may see better offerings from other top sportsbooks.
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Jeffrey Scott
Apr 23, 2024

Top Online Sportsbooks for March Madness Wagering in 2024

While Parx wins money, March Madness betting odds are excellent; the casino doesn’t make the top 3 list. BetMGM, BetRivers, and FanDuel are the top sportsbooks to watch out for in the 2024 games. They are secured, offer superb gambling odds, and are US players’ favorites for placing bets in Parx.

How to Claim March Madness Betting Bonuses

Grab quality bonus credits to bet on your favorite March Madness teams with these steps:

  1. Step 1 Register at a Bonus Sportsbook

    We recommend registering with one of the recommended platforms in this guide. Typically, you have to provide your name, New Jersey residential document, home address, and email. Also, confirm you are at least 21.

  2. Step 2 Deposit and Grab Bonuses

    Most top March Madness sites require a deposit before offering bonuses. You need to fund your account with at least $10 to stand a chance of grabbing cash prizes and credits. Higher deposits equal better prizes. Also, remember to use the relevant promo codes for any prize that requires it.

  3. Step 3 Bet and Win

    Use the bonuses to bet on several March Madness events and get massive payouts.

Mastering March Madness Brackets: A US Player’s Guide

March Madness bracket betting involves predicting and wagering the winners of all the games played throughout the National Championship competition. The NCAA Basketball experts and top sportsbooks present special pools that players fill up winners of each game round up to the national championship final. This betting is done before any game is played.

Some sites promise huge rewards for a perfect bracket, with BetMGM sportsbook offering $10,000,000 for a correct March Madness bracket 2023. No player could claim the prize, which has been the case since the contest’s establishment.

Nevertheless, the NCAA tournament bracket betting contest is the most popular in the US. The American Gaming Association in 2019 confirmed that over 40 million people cover as many as 149 million brackets at a $4.6 billion cost annually.

Top 5 Strategies for US Players in Picking March Madness Brackets

Getting the perfect bracket for the upcoming March Madness 2024 is a huge milestone. These strategies on sites for placing bets will help:

March Madness logo
March Madness logo

Know Your Odds: Making Informed Decisions

Allow bookmaker odds to inspire your bracket setup. Since expert analysts create these odds, you can entrust the favorites with the upper hand in your bracket. While there is no 100% certainty, using expertly selected odds improves your chances of getting the first few round outcomes right.

Early Rounds: Trust the Seeding

Stick to the seeding routine when setting up your bracket. The top four seeds have consistently won their first two rounds for years. Only once has a top seed lost to a number 16 seed, and this upset came after a 135-win streak.

Upset Alert: Keep an Eye on the No. 12 Seed

March Madness is known for crazy upsets, and the No. 12 has found victory more often than statically expected against the N0.5. The N0. 12 has a surprising 35%-win rate. Other upset alerts are No. 10 and No. 11, so consider their surprise factor when setting your bracket.

Momentum Matters: Teams on a Hot Streak

Less-favored teams on a hot streak have an excellent chance to cause upsets early in the tournaments. So set up your bracket according. While a sportsbook always gives the favorite the lesser payout, hot teams with good momentum may pull surprises.

The Final Stretch: Trust the Seeding Once Again

When up to the last eight or final four in your bracket, return to the seeding stat and put the high-seeded teams as winners of ties. Statistically, March Madness high-seeded teams tend to advance and win the last stretch of games 75% of the time.

Betting Types and Strategies for March Madness Games

While bracket gambling is prevalent, other bet options are also worth considering. All 67 games, including March Madness final, have specific in-game wagering options that seem more rewarding.

Typically, betting game-by-game allows you to factor in team morale and motivation, aiding more informed choices. For example, March Madness final game has always proven to be influenced by morale more than skill, a factor that bracket gambling often passes up.

Understanding March Madness Betting Lines

March Madness has the highest number of bet options for all sports in the United States, thanks to each game’s multiple opportunities. Below are the different lines to consider putting money in.

Parlays: Combining Multiple Bets for Higher Payouts

Parlay bet combines distinct game stakes into one wager for increased odds and better payout. It is a high-risk but more rewarding choice. Some Parlay bets have a cut-1 feature, where a single loss in the bet list will still give payouts but at reduced odds.

Teasers: Adjusting the Spread in Your Favor

Teaser betting allows you to adjust one team’s moneyline by increasing or decreasing it. However, the manipulated line directly affects that of the other team. The objective is to increase your chosen team payout for better rewards.

Prop Bets: Betting on Specific Events and Outcomes

Props wagers do not affect the outcome of a game because they involve staking on options like:

  • An x player will score below or above 20 points.
  • X team gets the first basket of a game.
  • Foul count range.

Player and Game Props for March Madness: Betting Beyond the Lines

As stated, props or proposition wagers do not directly affect game winners. They are stakes on teams or players completing a milestone within a set time before or during a game completion. Each game has unique prop wagers with different payouts.

Moneyline: Betting on the Outright Winner

This is a bet to determine the outright winner of the tournament and is usually placed when the March Madness schedule narrows to the final two teams. A +500 for UConn Huskies means they are favorites and require a $500 wager to win $100. A –300 Kentucky line wins $300 for every successful $100 bet.

Point Spread: Betting on the Margin of Victory

Point Spread determines bet winners based on the playing team’s victory margin.


North Carolina (NC): -8.5

Duke: +8.5

  • If NC wins by over 8 points, NC bettors win.
  • If NC Wins but with less than 8 points, Duke bettors win.

Over/Under: Betting on Total Points

Sportsbooks set several total points/scores for each March Madness game and offer bet options that allow players to stake whether the teams will score above (over) or below (under) the points. A correct prediction is a success, while an incorrect one is a loss.

2024 March Madness Calendar: Key Dates and Events

These are the March Madness NCAA tournament locations, key dates, and events. If there are any changes in the future, you will see the updates here.

2024 March Madness Stadium
2024 March Madness Stadium

Key Dates:

  • Selection Sunday: Sunday, March 17.
  • First Four: March 19-20.
  • First round: March 21-22.
  • Second round: March 23-24.
  • Sweet 16: March 28-29.
  • Elite Eight: March 30-31. 
  • Final Four: April 6.
  • NCAA championship game.

 NCAA tournament schedule table

First FourDayton, OhioUD ArenaMarch 19 – 20
First/SecondBrooklyn. N.Y.Barclays CenterMarch 22 -24
First/SecondCharlotte, N.C.Spectrum CenterMarch 21 – 23
First/SecondIndianapolisGainbridge FieldhouseMarch 22 – 24
First/SecondOmaha, Neb.CHI Health CenterMarch 21 – 23
First/SecondPittsburghPPG Paints ArenaMarch 21 -23
First/SecondSalt Lake CityVivint Smart Home ArenaMarch 21 – 23
First/SecondSpokane, Wash.Spokane Veterans Memorial ArenaMarch 22 – 24
First/SecondMemphis, Tenn.FedExForumMarch 22 – 24
East RegionalBostonTD GardenMarch 28 – 30
South RegionalDallasAmerican Airlines CenterMarch 29 -31
Midwest RegionalDetroitLittle Caesars ArenaMarch 29 – 31
West RegionalLos ArenaMarch 28 – 30
National Semi-finals—”Final Four”Glendale, ArizonaState Farm StadiumApril 6
NCAA championship gameGlendale, ArizonaState Farm StadiumApril 8
NCAA Tournament Schedule 2024

Streaming March Madness in the US: Your Viewing Options

While you can place your bets on any Sportsbook, watching the games live offers another level of thrill. Watch the upcoming March Madness in multiple locations without cable subscriptions and the standard requirements.

DirecTV Stream: This is a top choice for fans who want the full action on their screen and to see their bet’s performance in real-time. The reliable service brings the action right to you for a charge of less than $75 monthly. That pay is more than enough to see through the entire event.

SlingTV: It offers high-quality streams of everything basketball, and the March Madness events are covered annually. Its blue package worth $22.50 hosts TBS, truTV, and TNT, covering most tournaments.

fuboTV: fuboTV does not have all the games covered because it only hosts CBS. However, it has a trial option, meaning players will watch the Final Four and Championship games for free. It is best to pair fuboTV with SlingTV or DirecTV for complete entertainment.

Where to Place Your March Madness Bets

Let’s see your best options for your bets in 2024.

Gambling SitesTop Features
BetMGMGreat security, including SSL encryption technology. Hosts odds for all events. Broadcasts tons of sports events.
BetRiversMinimal wagering requirement. Features an online casino as well. A mobile app is compatible with Android and IOS.
FanDuelCompatible with Android, IOS, Windows, Huawei, and Apple. Excellent security. Offers live score services for its sports events. Covers March Madness and other related sports.
CaesarsBoasts one of Atlantic City’s March Madness bracket contest odds. Has a fully dedicated sports betting page aside from a casino. A VIP program with withdrawable prizes at its physical locations.
Parx CasinoParx March Madness bracket betting is available. Great odds. A vast pool of options.

Online vs. In-person Betting: Why Players Choose Online Sportsbooks

Each year solidifies online sportsbooks’ edge over brick-and-mortar locations. The convenience of making a bet with an online sportsbook anytime and anywhere is one of its biggest advantages.

Also, online sportsbooks cover more sports events than physical sites. While the physical sites still hold their social edge, newer gamers prefer a peaceful atmosphere when gambling in a crowded hall.

Benefits of US Online Sportsbooks

With an online sportsbook, you enjoy competitive March Madness odds, making every payout count. Also, some offer March Madness live score streams where you see real-time point changes and updates.

Finally, it is more common to see an online sportsbook that doubles up as a casino. Here are some major sportsbooks to enjoy high-quality wagering.

BetMGM Up to $1000 payback bonus for losses.
Bet365$1 for $200 bonus bets.
BetRiversUp to $500 in Bet Credits.
BetWay1st wager triggers a $250 bonus.
FanDuel $5 bet for $150 sports bet credits.
CaesarsUp to $1250 as sports bets.

Brick-and-Mortar Sportsbook Locations

If you prefer the physical options, here’s where to find them.

DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401.
Caesars Sportsbook2100 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401.
BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401.
Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino1900 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401.
Golden Nugget Atlantic City Sportsbook600 Huron Ave, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401.

March Madness Betting FAQs

When Are March Madness Brackets Released?

The real March Madness bracket formation will be officially available in March 2024 for the next event. This move maintains the annual tradition of bracket pools getting released in March, days before the kick-off of the big event. For now, you can see Parx March Madness odds and other top sportsbooks odds at the preliminary stages. Sign up for Parx Casino, BetMGM, Fanduel, and BetRivers; you can already see some early-day odds.

How Many Brackets Are Filled Out by Fans Annually?

The most comprehensive report by the American Gaming Association confirmed in 2019 that as many as 40 million people fill the bracket at different online and physical sportsbook casino platforms. These 40 million people fill the bracket up to 140 million times, spending as much as $4.6 billion.

Has Anyone Ever Achieved a Perfect March Madness Bracket?

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, no one has successfully achieved a perfect bracket. The closest bracket success was when a player from Columbus, Ohio, got the first 49 games right. Some sportsbook and casino platforms offer massive rewards of up to millions of dollars to players who can successfully fill in the bracket annually.

What Are the Odds of Picking a Flawless Bracket?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association states that the odds of achieving a flawless bracket is 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. This is a chance of one success in over 9 quintillions. These numbers confirm that your chance of clearing a perfect bracket in a sportsbook is meager. Hence you need a good deal of luck and a solid strategy to be the first winner ever.

Where will the 2024 Final Four take place?

The 2024 March Madness Final will kick off at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on April 8. The March Madness final sees the last two teams battle for the championship. The penultimate game will also be played in the same venue as the March Madness final on April 6. Place bets on the March Madness final in one of the sportsbook and casino platforms in this guide.