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Gambino Slots Online Casino
Gambino Slots Online Casino

Gambino Slots is a social casino that’s free to play. Unlike traditional online platforms, no real money or prizes are at stake because the site is only for fun. Along with ease of play, social casinos like Gambino Slots Casino feature social media integration with Facebook and an easy registration-free sign-up process. Read our review of Gambino Slots, as we tested the site to give you the details.

Is Gambino Slots Legit?

Regular online iGaming sites require a gaming licence, but typical gaming regulations don’t apply to Gambino Slots Casino. As no money changes hands, there’s no need for game audits or a gaming licence. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t require any personal information from players. Spiral Interactive owns and operates the website, which also developed the software running their games. Founded in 2015, the company specializes in product and game design.

How Does Gambino Slots Social Casino Work?

Gambino Slots Social Casino 200 Free Spins
Gambino Slots Social Casino 200 Free Spins

Not to be confused with an online casino, this gaming site has zero possibility of making money. Instead, the games use a virtual currency called G-Coins which have no real-world value. This means there are no winnings to withdraw. Still, it’s possible to purchase more coinage and boosters with Gambino Slots real money to help unlock more levels playing the games. To play, Gambino Slots must be downloaded. People can play the games on Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Amazon, Windows, and Android.

So to answer the question, “Can you win real money on Gambino Slots?” – the answer is no. Gambino Slots uses virtual currency with no cash value, so it’s impossible to withdraw any real money winnings. However, players can use real money to buy more virtual coins and perks to progress further in the games. But any “winnings” earned can only be used within the app.

Gambino Slots Free G-Coins and Sweepstakes

Gambino Slots is a social casino, which means people can play fun games, but they cannot win real money. Other casinos do offer cash prizes. But Gambino Slots just provides entertainment, not cash rewards. You’ll never need to play real money games or the chance to cash out any winnings. Rewards of fresh G-Coins are given out as players progress through the games.

Gambino Slots Bonuses & Promotions

Gambino Slots Bonuses
Gambino Slots Bonuses

There’s certainly no shortage of Gambino Slots bonuses and ongoing promotions. However, many differ from normal bonuses. For example, the Gambino Slots no deposit bonus doesn’t exist. Still, each bonus shown is tied to a player’s level within the game. In other words, the higher the level, the greater the G-Coin and Free Spins benefits.

Welcome Pack

A reward awaits new players willing to splash out $1.99 at the beginning of the Gambino Slots casino gameplay. This contains 75,000 Gambino Slots free coins, two Blue Chips, 94 Loyalty Points, a Mega Wheel Spin, and a 30-minute X-Blast.

G-Reels Bonus

It’s possible to get some extra Gambino Slots G-Coins after every 3 hours of gameplay. In addition, once a player’s on their fifth collection, there’s a chance to spin the G-Reels to win a Super Bonus that could include a 5x multiplier.

New Player Bonus

When new players sign up for an account and connect it to their Facebook, they are rewarded with a bonus offer. This consists of 200 Free Spins and 100,000 G-Coins.

Gold G-Card

A Gambino Slots casino player gains an extra notch on the G-Card with each purchase made. After users make 5 purchases, Gambino Slots gives them free G-Coins. The amount of free G-Coins matches how much real money you spent on average.

Epic Package Deal

Epic Package Deal
Epic Package Deal

This Gambino Slots social casino 6-tier reward depends on a player’s spending in real cash, as shown in the table.

SpendG-CoinsCoinsWheel EpicsLoyalty Points
$0.9936,0001xBlue Coin1 Wheel Megas47
$2.99115,2003xBlue Coins2 Wheel Megas142
$4.99204,0001 Green Coin3 Wheel magas239
$9.99432,0002 Green Coins1 Wheel Epics491
$24.991,320,0001 Black Coin2 Wheel Epics1,317
$49.993,600,0001 Diamond Coin3 Wheel Epics2,931

Gambino VIP Club

Gambino VIP Club
Gambino VIP Club

The Gambino VIP Program allows players to earn points as they progress towards different levels. Each tier offers more benefits, as shown.

Gambino Slots VIPTopazSapphireEmeraldRubyDiamondTrillion DiamondRoyal DiamondBlack DiamondWalk of Fame
Extra G-CoinsNone+25%+50%+100%+150%+200%+250%+350%+500%
Loyalty Points1x5x10x15x20x25x30x35x40x
Gift Multiplier1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x
Prize Multiplier+25%+50%+100%+150%+200%+250%+350%+500%
Level Up +10%+25%+50%+75%+100%+150%+200%+250%+300%
G-Reels Bonus+25%+50%+100%+150%+200%+250%+250%+500%
High Roller Room AccessNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
VIP EventsNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Personal HostNoNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYes
Weekly SpecialsNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes

How to Register and Start Playing at Gambino Slots

As there’s no sensitive personal or banking information needed, signing up is rather quick:

  1. Step 1

    Click on the green “Play Now” button on the splash page

  2. Step 2

    Choose to play with the app from Google Pay, the App Store, Amazon Appstore, or online in your browser

  3. Step 3

    Install the Gambino Slots software from your desired choice of store

  4. Step 4

    Agree to the website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy

  5. Step 5

    Register with your Facebook, email, or Google account

  6. Step 6

    Your information is filled in automatically from Facebook or Google. You’ll need to confirm any email.

Banking Options

Players can enjoy the Gambino Slots casino games without spending a cent. After all, they can win more G-Coins with each spin and extras like XP Blasts or Contest Boosters. However, you can purchase additional G-Coins by using standard online payment options. Remember that the platforms’ G-Coins are a virtual currency with zero real-world monetary value. Since you cannot win real money, there is no way to redeem winnings.

MethodFeeProcessing TimeMinimum Payment
Apple PayNoneInstant$0.99

Games to Play at Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots Games
Gambino Slots Games

As the casino’s name suggests, only slot games are found on the website. All come from Spiral Interactive, which is the only software provider on Gambino Slots. Yet, in the slot’s playthrough, there are other games such as side quests, mini-games, and the G-Wheelz Spins. Being a play-for-fun website, it doesn’t list its 150+ slot’s RTPs or max wins. Also, as there’s no real cash involved, this info isn’t that critical. Finally, take note that not all Gambino Slots games are available right off the bat. As players proceed up the tiers, more games are unlocked.

Gambino Slots Review: Our Verdict

It’s important to remember Gambino Slots is for entertainment only. It is not a real money casino where you can win cash prizes. You play fun games but cannot win real money. Gambino Slots offers about 150 slot games. This gives players a lot to choose from. But because all the games come from the same company, it can start to feel repetitive after a while.

The only way Gambino Slots makes money is by players buying virtual coins. So it’s no surprise they try hard to get players to spend more. But Gambino Slots is still lots of fun, with many ways to earn extras. There are also some generous bonuses and promotions. Signing up is quick and easy too. The great design makes Gambino Slots an entertaining break from real money gambling sites.

Gambino Slots on Mobile

Temporarily unavailable

The Gambino Slots app is available on the Amazon AppStore, the Google Play Store for Android and the AppStore for iOS users. There’s a lot to love about the look of the mobile website. For instance, it features sharp and bright graphics and animations. The games also play smoothly and load quickly.

Yet it’s not all roses and rainbows.The home screen is hard to use, and the arrows for scrolling through games are clunky. There is no search function, which is frustrating. This leads to tons of wasted time scrolling through game after game. Another negative is the overuse of annoying pop-ups triggered by almost any action from the player. They keep asking users to purchase G-Coins via micro-transactions.

Gambino Slots Software Providers

Spiral Interactive, the owner of Gambino Casino, provides its bespoke gaming software. No other providers can offer games and add some variety. Due to this, although the games are bright and colourful, they tend to look alike after a while. It’s the same story around the gameplay, as playing these slots gets old pretty quickly.

Customer Support and Assistance at Gambino Slots

Customer Support and Assistance at Gambino Slots
Customer Support at Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots customer support could be better. They do not offer live chat or a phone number like other casinos. Instead, there’s a “Support Request” page to write a description of the issue, yet no response timeframe is shown. Nevertheless, the FAQs answer the most common questions.

Top Sweepstakes Casinos Similar to Gambino Slots

The terms “Sweepstakes Casino” and “Social Casino” are often used to mean the same thing. This can be confusing for players. Both offer the chance to enjoy online games for free, although you can buy more in-game currency as an option. The difference between them is that it’s possible to redeem certain currency tokens for cash with a sweepstakes coins casino. But a social casino is just for fun. Players cannot win real money prizes. A few of the top sweepstakes slots casinos are listed below:

Gambino Slots FAQs

Is Gambino online slots safe?

Absolutely! They’re owned by Spiral Interactive, a top software developer based in Minsk and Northern Israel.

What are the best games Gambino Slots has to Offer?

With 150+ slot games, much will depend on your taste, as themes range from James Bond to Aztec jungle settings.

Does Gambino Slots Pay Real Money?

No. Because Gambino slots are a social casino, it’s just for fun, without money or payouts.

How to Access Gambino Free Slots?

Providing players are 18 years old, download the Gambino Slots mobile app from app stores or head over to the website and hit the “Play” button.

Can I Purchase Additional G-Coins?

You can purchase added bundles using credit and debit cards, including Visa and MasterCard or e-Wallets like PayPal.