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Slot data
Min bet
Low Volatility
Wolf themed slot

Wild Wolf Game Details

Wild Wolf, an intriguing online slot game, is brought to you by Betixon, a renowned gaming software developer. This medium-volatility slot game takes players into the natural world of wolves, creating a wildlife-themed adventure that will captivate your imagination. Wild Wolf boasts three reels, eight fixed paylines, and a return-to-player (RTP) rate of 93.98%, which, while lower than average, does not diminish the game’s appealing graphics and immersive soundtrack. Featuring two mysterious bonus symbols, the game entices players with the promise of thrilling bonus games that keep you on your toes. Whether you’re a fan of the untamed wilderness or an avid slot game enthusiast, the Wild Wolf slot game delivers a unique spin on the classic slot gaming experience.

Paylines8 Fixed
Minimum Bet$0.01
Maximum Bet$8.00
Bonus FeaturesTwo Bonus Games, Triggered by Bonus Symbols
Wild SymbolNo
Scatter SymbolNo
Wild Wolf Slot Details

Wild Wolf Slot Symbols and Payouts

Just like Jaguar Princess slot machine, Wild Wolf online slot game features a variety of symbols, each one intricately designed to fit the wildlife theme. On the reels, you will come across an array of colorful playing card icons from 9 to Ace, representing the lower-value symbols. As for the higher-value symbols, these take the form of beautifully carved wooden animals such as horses, deer, foxes, and bears. The most sought-after symbol, however, is the ferocious-looking wolf. Though Wild Wolf doesn’t feature traditional wild or scatter symbols, it does hold two mysterious bonus symbols that can trigger a bonus round.


Wild Wolf Slot Symbols and Payouts
Wild Wolf Slot Symbols and Payouts

The symbols in the Wild Wolf slot game are cleverly chosen to create an atmospheric setting and definitely differ from, fpr example, cute Kitty Glitter Slot machine and other kitten-themed games. The card icons are colorful, contrasting nicely with the more muted tones of the wooden animal symbols. However, it’s the menacing wolf and the elusive Wildling character that stand out the most, being integral to the bonus features of the game.


Wild Wolf has eight fixed paylines, which offer winning combinations in horizontal, diagonal, and even vertical arrangements—a feature that is rather unusual for slot games. Landing three matching symbols across any of these paylines awards various cash prizes, which are shown as multiples of your payline stake.

Wild Wolf Slot Paylines
Wild Wolf Slot Paylines

RTP & Volatility

The Return to Player (RTP) rate of Wild Wolf is 93.98%, which is somewhat below the average RTP for the OMG Kittens Slot machine and other online slots. The game is of medium volatility, meaning wins may not occur as frequently as in a low volatility game. This combination makes Wild Wolf a potentially risky venture for players who prefer playing with real money.

RTP Compared to the Market

Given that the average RTP rate in the online slot market including Prowling Panther online Slot, typically sits around 96%, Wild Wolf’s RTP of 93.98% is indeed a bit lower. However, this should not discourage players as the game still offers an engaging experience with the possibility of decent payouts.


As a medium-volatility slot, Wild Wolf delivers a balance between the frequency and the size of potential wins. This means that, like in Shadow of The Panther slot, while payouts might not happen extremely frequently, when they do occur, they are generally of a respectable size.

Min / Max Bets

Wild Wolf offers a betting range that starts as low as $0.01 per payline, making it suitable for low-stakes players. With eight fixed paylines, this allows for a minimum bet of $0.08 per spin. The maximum bet is capped at $8.00 per spin, which may not attract high-rollers but still provides an exciting gaming experience for various players.

Jackpot And/Or Maximum Win

While Wild Wolf doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot like the Smash The Pig online slot machine, the maximum win is awarded for landing three bear symbols on a payline, which pays out 1000x your stake. Thus, the maximum win can turn out to be quite substantial depending on your bet amount.

Slot Features

Although the Wild Wolf slot lacks traditional wild and scatter symbols, it makes up for it with two intriguing bonus symbols. Landing three Wildlings or three Wolves on a payline triggers a bonus round, adding an element of mystery to the game. Unfortunately, the details of these bonus rounds are not explicitly mentioned, leaving it up to the players to discover and experience them first-hand.

Wild Wolf Slot Bonus Games

The bonus game in Wild Wolf is one of the most intriguing aspects of this slot, largely due to the mystery surrounding it. According to the game’s rules, landing three Wildling symbols or three Wolf symbols on a payline will trigger a bonus round. While it’s clear that these symbols hold the key to extra features, the specifics about these bonus games are not explicitly revealed by Betixon, the game’s developer.

This unique approach adds an element of suspense and surprise, as players must discover the nature of these bonuses firsthand through their gameplay. Despite the lack of detailed information, these elusive bonus rounds have been known to offer players the potential for significant rewards. Given that they can be triggered during any spin, they add an exciting dimension to every play session.

Overall, while the exact form these bonus games might take remains undisclosed, their presence ensures that the gameplay in Wild Wolf remains engaging, unpredictable, and ultimately, rewarding.

My Playing Experience

Wild Wolf Slot Playing Experience
Playing Experience in Wild Wolf Slot

Playing Wild Wolf proved to be an immersive experience thanks to its atmospheric graphics, soundtrack, and intriguing symbols. While the game’s RTP and volatility offered a balanced gameplay experience, the somewhat elusive nature of the bonus rounds provided an unexpected level of intrigue. The lack of clarity about the bonus features was slightly frustrating but also added a layer of mystery that kept me engaged throughout. The game’s betting range is more suitable for lower-stakes players, but the potential for substantial wins ensured a thrilling gaming experience.

Graphics & Sound

One of the standout aspects of Wild Wolf is its presentation. The graphics are beautifully designed, creating an eerily enchanting environment that truly embodies the wildlife theme. The game is set within an atmospheric backdrop of massive trees, and the reels are home to artistically carved wooden animals. The sound design complements the graphics, providing a slightly sombre soundtrack that maintains an air of suspense and danger. The combination of visuals and sound works together to create an immersive and memorable gaming experience.

FAQ for Wild Wolf Slot 

What is the minimum bet in the Wild Wolf slot game?

The minimum bet in the Wild Wolf slot game is $0.01 per payline, resulting in a total minimum bet of $0.08 per spin with eight fixed paylines.

Does the Wild Wolf slot have a wild symbol?

No, the Wild Wolf slot does not feature a traditional wild symbol. Instead, it offers two special bonus symbols that can trigger bonus rounds.

What is the RTP of Wild Wolf?

The Return to Player (RTP) rate of Wild Wolf is 93.98%.

What is the maximum win in the Wild Wolf slot game?

The maximum win in the Wild Wolf slot game is achieved by landing three bear symbols on a payline, which pays out 1000x your stake.

Does the Wild Wolf slot have bonus games?

Yes, the Wild Wolf slot game has two bonus games, triggered by landing three Wildling or three Wolf symbols on a payline. The specifics of these bonus rounds, however, are kept mysterious by the developer.