How to Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an exciting and fast-paced live casino game that has taken the online gambling world by storm since its release in 2020. This guide will teach you all about the game, including how it works, strategies to win, where you can play, chances of winning, and frequently asked questions. Play Crazy Time and maximize your winnings.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a money wheel live casino game, meaning it takes place in real-time with a human host spinning an actual carnival-style wheel. The wheel is split into 54 equal segments, each representing a different bonus game. As the wheel spins, whatever game segment it lands on is what’s played in that round.  

There are four bonus games in total: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. The wheel also has blue and yellow multiplier segments that can multiply your wins by up to 100x! This combination of different games and special win multipliers is what makes Crazy Time so exciting to play.

Crazy Time Live Game Official Site
Crazy Time Live Game

How Does Crazy Time Work?

The goal is simple – correctly predict where the wheel will land after each spin. Players can bet on one or more of the segments, and the potential payouts vary based on the odds of that segment landing. Here are the key features that make the game work:

  • 54 Segments

    The crazy time wheel is split into 54 equal segments of different colors. There are 7 for each bonus game, 12 blue multiplier segments, and 12 yellow multiplier segments.

  • RNG Software

    A certified random number generator ensures each spin has a random and fair outcome that no one can predict or influence.

  • Prizes and Multipliers

    If your bet lands, you win a cash prize multiplied by any multiplier segments hit. Some rounds also have jackpots worth thousands!

  • Bonus Games

    The unique bonus games like Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and Pachinko add variety and give you more ways to win big.

How to Play Crazy Time

Playing Crazy Time takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Step 1 Choose Your Bets

    When the wheel spins, place chips on the segments you think it will land on. You can bet on just one spot or cover multiple segments.

  2. Step 2 Spin the Wheel

    The host will then spin the wheel in one direction while the bonus pointer spins the opposite way. This builds suspense as the wheels start slowing down.

  3. Step 3 Watch Where It Lands

    Wherever the pointer lands is the winning segment for that spin. If it matches your bet, you win!

  4. Step 4 Play Bonus Games

    If the wheel lands on Coin Flip, Cash Hunt or another bonus round, you’ll get to play for a chance at huge prizes.

  5. Step 5 Win Multiplied Prizes

    Any bet multipliers hit will multiply your prizes. With 100x jackpots possible on some spins, this gets very exciting!

Over time you’ll get familiar with different segments, bonus games, betting options and odds. As you learn the intricacies of the game, you can incorporate Crazy Time betting strategy to maximize your payout potential.

Crazy Time Game Wheel
Crazy Time Wheel
Game Crazy Time Coin Flip
Crazy Time Coin Flip

How to Win at Crazy Time

While the random nature of Crazy Time means nothing is guaranteed, the best players use low risk strategy to increase their odds and payouts over time. Here are some top tips to boost your performance:

  • Cover Multiple Segments

    Don’t put all your money on just one or two spots. Spread your bets out to cover more possible outcomes.

  • Aim for Bonuses

    The bonus games have huge jackpot potential, so target them with a significant portion of your bets.

  • Leverage Multipliers

    Don’t neglect the blue and yellow multiplier segments. These can lead to some truly crazy payouts.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

    Set a gambling budget for each session and divide it wisely across your bets. Don’t chase losses by over-betting out of emotion.

  • Have Fun!

    Crazy Time is meant to be an energetic, social experience. Follow the action in chat, cheer big wins, and enjoy the lively hosts.

While you can never guarantee wins, these pro tips optimize your chances while ensuring Crazy Time stays exciting.

Win Statistics in Crazy Time Game
Crazy Time Win Statistics

Where to Play Crazy Time

Since Crazy Time is still a new game, it’s only available at a selection of top online live dealer casinos right now. Based on reputation, game variety and overall quality, we recommend checking out:

  • Casino Classic  logo

    Casino Classic

    As one of the longest running online casinos, Casino Classic offers rock-solid stability and reliability. Their live casino includes several Crazy Time tables with sharp HD streaming and intuitive betting interfaces. They match your first deposit 100% up to $200 to extend your gameplay.

  • CasinoKindom

    Casino Kingdom

    For one of the widest selections of live dealer games, Casino Kingdom stands out from the crowd. They have the full suite of Evolution Gaming live tables, including Crazy Time in multiple languages. Their welcome bonus includes 10 no deposit free spins just for registering on their site.

  • zodiac casino logo

    Zodiac Casino

    Zodiac has evolved into one of the top destinations for live dealer games thanks to an ever-expanding lineup courtesy of Evolution Gaming. Their Crazy Time tables work smoothly on mobile too, so you can play on the go against real dealers. 80 free spins are available when you first sign up.

Take your pick from these trusted online casinos when you’re ready to give the action-packed Crazy Time a try for real money and casino bonuses.

Crazy Time Strategy 

While the random spins dictate Crazy Time outcomes, having the right betting strategy goes a long way to improve your results. Here are some key tactics to incorporate:  

  1. Step 1 Study the Wheel

    Learn which segments hit most often by tracking statistics over time. Focus bets on frequent segments.

  2. Step 2 Vary Your Bets

    Some spins place smaller bets to cover more ground. Others go big on your top segments when the wheel seems hot.

  3. Step 3 Use a System

    Apply a roulette betting system like Martingale by doubling bets after losses to recover money.

  4. Step 4 Have a Stop Limit

    Determine the maximum amount you’ll bet before quitting to avoid losing beyond your means.

  5. Step 5 Practice for Free

    Use freeplay versions to test strategies without risk before playing for real money.

Keep iterating to further perfect your approach over time by learning from results. Consistently applying these strategic concepts will steer you towards more lucrative crazy time outcomes. Just remember – stay disciplined and bet responsibly!

What are the odds of winning Crazy Time?

The odds shift based on which segments you bet on. The bonus rounds have a 12.96% chance while multiplier odds are 22.22%. Overall the average RTP (return to player) is about 96.08% when placing wide bets.

Do the multipliers increase your payouts?

Yes, they increase hugely in some cases! If your bet lands and a 10x blue multiplier hits, you’ll get 10 times your normal win. With a 100x yellow multiplier the payouts reach astonishing levels.

Can you play Crazy Time on mobile?

Definitely. The top live casinos have fully responsive Crazy Time tables that work smoothly on iOS and Android devices. You get the same features and betting experience.

Is Crazy Time available in free play mode?

Most live casinos now offer freeplay versions of Crazy Time to let you learn without any risk. Everything functions identically, except you use virtual credits instead of real cash when playing.

What is the biggest payout on Crazy Time?

While the game is still quite new, there are already confirmed wins over $275,000! As more players experience massive 100x multiplier jackpots, we expect record payouts to reach into the millions soon.

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