Double Double Bonus Poker Guide

Seeing “Double Double Bonus” will whet the appetite of every video poker player, and for good reason. The game is a fun and more profitable variation of Jacks or Better with some tiny changes that improve the gameplay. Aside from much larger rewards for a four-of-a-kind, its Royal Flush grants 4,000 coins for betting 5 only with casino cashback bonus available. So it’s no wonder the game still attracts new players looking to strike it rich.

What is Double Double Bonus Poker?

Players who like to try their hand at video poker games can have an enjoyable and lucrative sitting playing Double Double Bonus Video Poker. The game offers excitement and an immersive gaming experience while having a gameplay that more or less follows the basic rules of poker. It’s like an advanced version of Jacks or Better, with extra bonuses for specific hands. Using the standard 52-card pack, the rules are identical to 5-Card Draw, but to form the best five-card hand. 

The game also takes into account the 5th card (the “kicker”) when holding four Aces, 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s, with payouts rising even higher. But the upside of big rewards for four similar cards comes with the downside of reduced payouts for more common hands. So, for example, a two-pair pays less in order to make up the difference. One word of warning: because landing four of a kind is pretty rare, it’s easy to deplete a bankroll quickly if betting is not managed responsibly.

Example of Winning Hands

Regarding winning hands, the game roughly follows traditional poker rules. As seen, the only big difference is the “kicker.” Aside from this, there are the classic Pair, Three-of-a-kind, Flush (all cards with the same motif), Full House (a tris and a pair), etc. Let’s see some winning hands that might not look too familiar with those used to Jacks or Better.

Double Double Poker Winning Hands
Winning Hands

The Pay Tables for Double Double Bonus Poker

There’s no chance of becoming an expert at Double Double Bonus Poker without access to a pay table. For first-rate results, a player needs a thorough knowledge and understanding of the numbers. It’s also necessary to grasp the basics of proper bankroll management and how to choose the optimal paying games.

Fresh players must learn to utilise the leading poker strategy for beginners. The most familiar Double Double Bonus Poker pay tables will be a 9/6 version, so named by the payouts for full house and flush hands being 9 to 1 and 6 to 1, respectively. The table below shows the payout odds when playing the perfect strategy.

HandProbabilityVariancePayoutPayout Odds
Royal Flush0.01960815.658000.019608
Straight Flush0.0054810.26500.005481
Four Aces with any 2, 3, 40.0246369.814000.024636
Four 2’s, 3’s, 4’s with any A, 2, 3, 40.0229113.621600.022911
Four Aces0.0277734.391600.027773
Four 2’s, 3’s, 4’s0.0307522.40800.030752
Four S’s through K’s0.0815093.9250
Full House0.0977400.7090.097740
Three of a Kind0.0752650.3030.225795
Jacks or Better0.2113220.0010.211322
Double Double Bonus Poker Payout Odds

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy

In spite of the truth that all games of poker require large doses of luck, it’s possible to use skill and knowledge to create more favourable odds. The game’s Double Double Bonus strategy matches that of Jacks or Better, with the additional idea to minimise the lower paying hands whilst, in the meantime, trying to hit the 4K hands. Players should hang onto high cards to fashion them into strong combinations like a flush or a four-of-a-kind (as shown below).

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy
Best Play Reference Sheet 1

One strategy that’s the constant across all video poker machines, is the commitment to play 5 coins at all times. Considering the highest payout, the Royal Flush, can only be triggered with 5 coins, it makes sense to stick to the maximum number of coins at all times. Be sure to keep an eye on the pay table in order to hold on to card combinations that offer the highest rewards. In order to assist with this, below are a number of cheat sheets that illustrate the best video poker Double Double Bonus playing strategy depending on the cards being held.

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy
Best Play Reference Sheet 2

Since the Ace has extra value, it’d make sense to hold it to aim for bigger payouts.

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy
Best Play Reference Sheet 3

This might look strange to those unfamiliar with the game but discarding the K is crucial. That’s because drawing a 2, 3, or 4 in its stead guarantees a much higher payout.

Tips for Playing Double Double Bonus Poker

Making the right decision whilst playing a video poker machine requires a quick eye and even quicker thinking. There can be a lot of information that needs processing in an instant. Keep in mind the following points for a better and more rewarding playing experience:

Strategy Charts

These are easily found on the Internet and printed. Determine what to keep or discard by comparing hands to the chart.

Bankroll Management

Possessing a moderate variance, a two-hour gaming session of 1,000 hands requires around $450.

Placing a Bet

Although betting between one and five coins is feasible, try placing larger bets, as this will result in higher payouts.

Watching the Deal

Once the five cards present themselves on the video screen, think thoroughly and don’t make rushed decisions. 

Maxing Out

Playing five credits per hand will land a bigger payout as opposed to playing lesser denominations.

Low Pairs Over Straight

The aim is to find four of a kind, therefore it’s better to retain lower pairs in hands at all times.

Video Trainers

By utilising software that simulates the game and spots player errors, it’s a great way to help improve skill.

Play for Free

Double Double Bonus Poker free play is available in many casinos. Practice in real-time to alleviate the risk of a loss.

Use Casino Bonuses

Online casinos will often reward first-time players with a tasty welcome bonus. It means to instantly double a bankroll.

Pros and Cons of Playing Double Double Bonus Video Poker

There are many good reasons to play Double Double Bonus Poker, though the game isn’t immune from drawbacks.

  • Payoffs for 4 of the same are much larger than other video poker machines
  • Easy gameplay perfect for novice and beginner players
  • High RTP%
  • Fun and action-packed
  • Moderate volatility leading to some dry spells
  • If not careful, the fast gameplay can deplete your bankroll quickly

Double Double Bonus Poker FAQ

Why is it called Double Double Bonus Poker?

Due to payouts for some four-of-a-kind hands. They pay out double the amount that’s normally paid out with a double bonus when a kicker is present.

Is Double Double Bonus Poker a good game?

Yes, offering an RTP of 98.98%, along with higher payouts for certain hands, it offers players a chance to minimise lower-paying hands and the possibility of hitting 4K bonuses.

What is the difference between Double Double bonus and triple double Bonus Poker?

As with Double Double Bonus Poker, players get large payouts for 4 of a kind. Yet playing Triple Double Bonus Poker, these are even higher. Also, the kicker plays a more important role in the scoring.

What is the variance of Double Double Bonus Poker?

The game carries a higher variance compared to Jacks or Better, as it offers a payback of 98.98% whilst displaying a moderate variance of 42.

What are the odds of landing a Double Double bonus?

The odds in this card game go from the highest, which is a Royal Flush (1:40,390), to the lowest for a Pair (1:7.69).