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Welcome to, your premier destination for thorough and honest casino reviews in New Zealand. Our dedicated NZ team combines years of industry experience with a passion for online gaming, so every review is crafted with expertise and integrity. Explore the casino world with us and start playing today!

The NZ Team

  • Local Insights

    Our New Zealand-based professionals understand the Kiwi gambling landscape intimately.

  • Industry Professionals

    All team members have extensive experience in online casinos, providing credible reviews.

  • Passionate about Gaming

    Each team member brings a unique enthusiasm for online gambling.

  • Continuous Learning

    We stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the gambling industry, ensuring our reviews are always up-to-date and informed.

  • Player-Centric Approach

    Our reviews are crafted with the player in mind, focusing on aspects that are most important to the gaming community.

Building Trust in New Zealand’s Online Casinos

Trust is the foundation of our work with New Zealand’s online casinos. During our long journey, casino experts have built a strong connection with the audience and proved their authority with such key achievements:


Casinos Evaluated

We’ve extensively reviewed more than 500 casinos, both online and offline, globally. Our in-depth evaluations provide valuable insights into a range of gaming venues.


Countries Covered

Our reviews offer a worldwide view, covering casinos in twelve countries. This broad scope guarantees our readers access to diverse, international casino information.


Years of Expertise

With over nine years in the field, our team brings seasoned expertise in casino reviews and industry insights.


Team Industry Professionals

Our expert team, numbering over 20, brings firsthand casino industry knowledge. Their skills are vital to our in-depth and balanced casino evaluations.


Comprehensive Reviews

We aim to deliver unbiased, thorough reviews. We detail each casino’s strengths and weaknesses, helping readers make informed gambling choices.

Our Expert Reviews

Our main criteria

We focus on detailed reviews of online casinos. Our goal is to bring safe, fun, and responsible gambling. We offer in-depth casino reviews and the latest gaming news. This is all for New Zealand’s online gambling community.

Provide Safe and Fair Play

Our primary goal is to create a secure online gambling environment. We achieve this through comprehensive reviews that assess each casino’s fairness and safety measures. This guarantees players can find trustworthy sites.

Prioritize Players’ Needs

Understanding and meeting player needs are at the core of our mission. Surveys and feedback give us essential information about what players like and experience. This shapes our content and advice.

Share Expertise

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in gaming and betting. Experts provide expert advice and insights for New Zealand’s gaming scene. We’re committed to sharing this knowledge to improve your gameplay.

Maintain Independence

Independence is crucial at Our information is unbiased and unique. It’s free from outside influences and focuses only on helping players.

Build Trust

Trust is fundamental to our success. We achieve this through reliable, impartial reviews and a rigorous process. Our goal is to make sure that every casino we recommend is safe and credible, solidifying our reputation as a trusted source in online gaming.

Introducing Our Professional Team

At, our New Zealand team comprises dedicated professionals, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to the forefront of the online gambling industry. Their diverse skills show that our content is both informative and engaging.

Liam Taylor
Lucas Clark
Olivia Brown

Our History has had an impressive journey in the casino industry. We’ve grown and become a trusted name in gambling. Our path shows our dedication to giving honest and complete casino reviews.

2014: The Beginning started with the goal to be a trusted source for casino reviews, online and offline.

2016: Expansion of Expertise

We tested 100 casinos. Our reviews got better with help from experts who have worked in casinos.

Started to expand
Hired the Best

2018: Global Reach

We expanded to test casinos in more than 12 countries. This includes the USA, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand.

2020: Embracing Digital Growth

As online gambling grew, we focused more on online casino reviews. We make sure they are up-to-date and follow legal rules.

2021: Comprehensive Legal Coverage

Started giving clear details about online gambling laws in different countries. This helps players understand complex rules.

2022: Enhancing User Experience

Implemented advanced testing methods for site functionality, mobile compatibility, and user interface across different platforms.


2023: Surpassing 500 Casino Reviews 

Celebrated reviewing over 500 online and offline casinos. This strengthened our role as a top casino review authority.

Throughout our journey, has remained committed to honesty and transparency. We created strict testing methods. These look at safety, game types, banking, and bonuses. We aim to give players current, trustworthy info. This helps them find fun, legal casinos worldwide. Our team’s hard work makes a trusted, excellent resource in gambling.

Commitment to Safe Gaming

At, our commitment to safe and responsible gaming is fundamental. We provide tips and resources to promote responsible habits, emphasizing the importance of safe play. Our platform offers access to support resources for those who need assistance with gambling issues, making sure help is easily accessible. Our reviews guide players toward casinos emphasizing player safety, fair play, and transparency. We stay updated on gambling legislation and industry standards to advocate for ethical gambling practices.

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